What are these notes about?

Notes on Looking is a creative writing platform for the Los Angeles art community.

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Parkfield Retreats

Weekend retreats in Parkfield, CA foster exchange among the art communities in and around Los Angeles.

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Classical Music for Artists

Contemporary art and contemporary classical music are natural allies. Classical Music for Artists offers season tickets to interested artists for different series of concerts to foster a dialog about classical music in Los Angeles.

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Most recent notes on looking…

Jiwoon Yoon: Your Country Thanks You

Hello welcome to Michael’s, it’s about a thirty-minute wait. This was certainly the first time I had ever been put on a waitlist while trying to enter an artists’ open studio, but it was also the first time I had been to Columbia University. I made my way haltingly... read more

Mystic Pizza

What does it mean when an artist duo breaks up? Does it make a difference if the partnership was also romantic? What happens to the resulting output? Can the players be substituted? Are the works a result of the action, the history of two bodies, two minds, or two... read more

Dominic Quagliozzi: Poems

Part A (2006) Middle ground obscurity Faceless outside of the crowd. Disabled to the point of acceptance Accepted to the point of disability. Juggling seasons of unrest with excitement of discovery is too lofty for any man. Real world expectations to death I am one... read more