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Notes on Looking is a creative writing platform for the Los Angeles art community.

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Suite 216

Suite 216 is a letter project. It’s an opportunity to write a goodbye, or share a goodbye that has yet to be communicated

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The Conversation: an Artist Podcast with Bari Ziperstein

Ante Script from Geoff: Allow me, my friends, to introduce you to The Untitled Art Podcast, a new voice in Notes on Looking land. Michael Shaw, a friend and colleague, has been working on artist interviews for several months and continues to work, day and night. Enjoy this time with Bari Ziperstein – you will learn about her practice and gain insight to the life of a working artist in Los Angeles. Many more interviews are waiting in the wings! I’m posting this podcast tonight, Thursday, November 10, in advance of our dedicated launch date of Friday, November 11 (11-11-11) in part to repay Bari’s generous assistance, advice and patience. Bari Ziperstein was first, and so she shall remain. Honestly, another part of my decision to post this interview early is plain old strategy: My friends – once you get a taste of this Koolaid you’ll never want to stop. Come back tomorrow for much more! I swear on a stack of sound waves we shall have three or four additional podcasts for you on Friday, Nov 11. Smiling. Thanks Michael, I hope you’re having as much fun as I am. And special thanks to Bari. XO Geoff Addendum posting on the morning of November 11, 2011: Podcasts are coming out every hour today, super cool! Rowan Wood is ON DECK NOW. Christopher Michlig at 9:00 AM Molly Larkey at 10:00 AM Adam Miller at 11:00 AM Eben Goff at NOON Aaron Sandnes at 10:30 (tricked you, huh?) You get the idea, we keep ’em rolling out for you. BUT WAIT – HOW MUCH MORE EXCITEMENT CAN YOU STAND?... read more

Initial and continuing thoughts on Michael Rey’s show at Young Art

When I first saw Michael Rey’s work, at JB Jurve last year, my thought was, “Wow, I know these shapes from somewhere,” and as I continued to look, especially at a candy orange leaning columnar sculpture and a giant carved raw wood ball sac that was suspended from the ceiling, I began to feel like it did not matter when or whether I had any past experience with these actual shapes – the objects that Michael Rey made fit right into holes in my brain and stayed there. (My reference here seems to be Weemawee High School and the tv show Square Pegs. Good art fits in these awkward holes in my mind.) As time went by I lost track of Rey’s hanging nutsack, but the orange sculpture has lived on in my thoughts. Which brings me to Dracula Plus Plus, Rey’s current exhibition at Young Art. Rey is able to craft objects that make reference to many different cultural icons and signifiers without appearing to only serve as shorthand quotes. His shapes insist on their own presence in the world and so I must acknowledge their – hmm, I want to say ‘autonomy,’ but this term raises the backs of so many in our world and it does bring along with it so many presently useless arguments. And anyway, what I’m saying lacks any humor and drains the delight out of this artist’s work. Onward. I walked into a carefully programmed explosion of color and shape: I saw beguiling multi-tonal advertisements, quirky takes on fine Modernist works of art, a blue mirror that might have not shown Dracula’s reflection, a... read more

a few recent performances

Jumbled and fuzzy are my memories of and feelings about performances that I have seen at Human Resources and at LACE in recent weeks. it’s like I’ve got a backseat full of interpretations resembling those kitschy stuffed or bobble-head creatures you place on the rear deck of your car – and every time I apply the brakes to think for just a moment one or more of them come flying into my consciousness. Alejandra Beatriz Herrera Silva presented tableaux at both spaces and then took action within and on these poetic, even elegant settings. At HR on October 13, the gallery was brightly lit and terribly white. Herrera dressed herself also in white, and her clothing was as revealing of the architecture of the artist’s body as the gallery’s uniform of white paint is of that space. There was tension in this contrast, in my mind it became a frottage – the artist was not so much a separate body acting on various implements in a contained space, rather – with everything colored snowy white – she was part of a singularity that moved within and against itself. Aah, and those implements. Red wine and roses, white dolls, dishes, a bookshelf and a gallon of milk. Fully charged and allusive to their cores. At some point Herrera manipulated what looked like air vents, and music, south of the border style music,... read more

Vacancy at the California Hotel: Philly comes to El Lay

  November 3, 2011 Dear potential customer- It seems we have an unexpected vacancy at the Hotel California. One of East-coast artists could not make it to Los Angeles this week. So, we’d like to invite you to make a reservation! By the night or by the hour please look through our attached price list and join us for a lovely stay in our comfortable room, with a claw-foot bath, high-speed internet, pay-per-view DVDs and fancy mini-bar. We hope you decide to join us. See you at The California Hotel! Sincerely, Public... read more

Wonderloch Kellerland: The Blue Hour with Lisa Ohlweiler and Christopher Richmond

My friends I have been remisser than remiss and ruefully negligent. Hans-Peter Thomas opened the Los Angeles location of Wonderloch Kellerland on July 15th of this year. In Atwater – which is close by to almost every part of our great city. (Honest! It is! The 5 goes right through, the 2 passes close by and the Arroyo Seco Parkway skirts its eastern border, more or less. I swear on a stack of now useless Thomas Guides that you can get there from here, wherever here is for you.) Opening Friday, November 4 from 7 to 10 pm is The Blue Hour featuring photographs and films and/or maybe sculptures by Lisa Ohlweiler and Christopher Richmond. You may remember Ohlweiler from a James Welling curated, January 2011 exhibition at Margo Leavin http://www.margoleavingallery.com/exhibitions/274 or from an earlier exhibition at Redling Fine Art: http://redlingfineart.com/exhibition/jesse-aron-green-nicholas-grider-rj-messineo-lisa-ohlweiler-and-clarissa-tossin You may indeed recall a particularly charming photograph of this photographer in the Angeles National Forest, taken by her friend Evan Walsh that I posted in Notes on Looking: http://notesonlooking.com/?p=842 Lacking images from the Wonderloch Kellerland show, which after all is not yet open, I have visited and grabbed from Ohlweiler’s own website. I rather doubt that any of this work will be on display in the new show. Come and find out! Our friend Christopher Richmond makes films, and I understand, sculptures. I am expecting in this show more to see the latter than the former – but who knows? Christopher Richmond Chasing the Horizon 2009 16mm color film transferred to Blu-ray 8 min., 48 sec. Christopher Richmond O’ Bridge of Interjections (Cretans / Deus ex machina)... read more

Stealing from my friends: Robert Crouch for LACE – a selection, with links

LACE Associate Director/Curator Robert Crouch is in Poland. (Dude has been home for a week and he doesn’t call?? wtf? In any case, Robert Crouch will be giving us and LACE text, images and vids of sound and art in Krakow and Budapest soon.) Tease that I am, I’ve grabbed some content(s) from LACE’s Tumblr site and posted them below. Links everywhere to LACE’s site – have fun! Friday October 14, 2011 at 2:59 Robin Fox -RC 4 LACE Saturday October 15, 2011 at 2:31 Laurel Halo Not surprising that the roster of artists at Unsound is predominantly male, which tends to be the case at most electronic music festivals. I’ve had a few conversations about this gender issue with Montreal artist France Jobin, who has taken the stance that she’d rather be the one of few women at an otherwise all male event than perform in a feminist identified program (which she’s also participated and attended). She believes that it allows her to maintain the integrity of her practice and concerns as a structuralist, and simultaneously produce a rupture in the obvious phallocentricity of the festival by her mere presence and quality of her work. In other words, yeah she’s a girl and she’s better than the boys. Really. And such was the case with Laurel Halo the other night. One of few women at this festival, and she just killed it. It was one of those performances where I didn’t need to bother to see anything the rest of the night. Sorry guys, she kinda ruined it for the rest of you. -RC 4 LACE Thursday October 20,... read more