What are these notes about?

Notes on Looking is a writing and art project orbiting the art scene of Los Angeles. Here, you will find critical and creative writing from and about the artists of Los Angeles, as well as information about retreats and other art-related initiatives.

Parkfield Retreats

Weekend retreats in Parkfield, CA foster exchange among the art communities in and around Los Angeles.
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Classical Music for Artists

Contemporary art and contemporary classical music are natural allies. Classical Music for Artists offers season tickets to interested artists for different series of concerts to foster a dialog about classical music in Los Angeles.
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Most recent notes on looking

Appreciating William T. Wiley

I saw a piece by William Wiley this weekend, at the Santa Monica Auctions preview. Wiley is a funny artist. His work is a little old-fashioned, but for reasons that are good: Wiley’s work is engaged with the world he sees and lives in. It is committed to an... read more

Zach Leener at Tif Sigfrids

Zach Leener’s sculptures at Tif Sigfrids are all without title, and they lack even the honorific “untitled.” This choice feels self-deprecating; I think of Leener’s sculptures that they might decline the status of art objects in the way that... read more