What are these notes about?

Notes on Looking is a creative writing platform for the Los Angeles art community.

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Parkfield Retreats

Weekend retreats in Parkfield, CA foster exchange among the art communities in and around Los Angeles.

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Classical Music for Artists

Contemporary art and contemporary classical music are natural allies. Classical Music for Artists offers season tickets to interested artists for different series of concerts to foster a dialog about classical music in Los Angeles.

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hashtag, love magic, love letter

HASHtAG—— ——————l V =============================== ll#wholefoodsparkinglotneverfeltsogood ll =============================== WHAt is tHeRe to douBt? -Be BLessed- you will Be Blessed- HAve A Little fAitH my fRiend- tHAt fucKing pLANK in youR eye is Beginning to... read more

When we were young

When we were young is a group exhibition of early work by five mid-to-late career artists at Gallery Luisotti. There’s John Divola’s UCLA MFA application from 1970-71, when he was still an undergraduate at CSUN; spoiler alert—he was accepted to UCLA and has taught at... read more

I’m Gonna Be (500 Grand)

Most people in Los Angeles hate traffic. I don’t. I’m an outside sales consultant. I spend about forty percent of my waking hours on the road. Within the organization where I work, they call people who do what I do “Road Warriors.” It’s a laughable term and quite the... read more