Dominic Quagliozzi: Poems

ARebuiltMan_yellow (1)Part A (2006)

Middle ground obscurity
Faceless outside of the crowd.

Disabled to the point of acceptance
Accepted to the point of disability.

Juggling seasons of unrest with excitement of discovery is too lofty for any man.

Real world expectations to death
I am one man within two.

Remind me which one you know.


Part B (2015)

The welcome of a hero
Isolation was the most crowded affair.

This mighty end to the Mighty struggle
met with a gracious and accepting host.

A continuation through an end, the unconscionable excitement too lofty for any man.

Strangers welcomed within as the party of life rages on
I am one man, containing two.

Remind me which one you know.

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