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Parkfield Review #3 cover photo by Matt Tuck
Parkfield Review #3 cover photo by Matt Tuck


“In the summer of 2010, we decided to curate an experiment in group dynamics: we invited a few artists with ostensibly little in common other than our acquaintance to spend a weekend with us at Blue Oak Camp, on the V6 Ranch in Parkfield, CA.

We organized a caravan, packed some groceries, and took off up the 5, past Kilowatt and the Missouri Triangle and into the unknown, with no set schedule, no agenda, no shared experience as a group except that we each had a stake in the universe of contemporary art.” – David Richards

Saturday, July 26, from 5:00 to 7:00 PM at Commonwealth & Council

Parkfield Review #3 / 2012-2013 release party

Please join David and me, along with many of the 150 artists who have attended the Parkfield retreats for the release of Parkfield Review #3 / 2012-2013.

Contributors to this third Parkfield Review include: Dewey Ambrosino, Joshua Aster, Josh Atlas, Jared Baxter, David Bell, Andras Blazsek, Andrea Bowers, John Burtle, Kristin Calabrese, Young Chung, Eduardo Consuegra, Vanessa Conte, Robert Crouch, Dominique Drozdz, Adam Feldmeth, Tara Foley, Jack Heard, Micol Hebron, Marcus Herse, EJ Hill, Jonathon Hornedo, Ian James, Kelly Kleinschrodt, Kristi Lippire, Karen Lofgren, Ben Love, Ari Marcantonio, Jaime Knight, Yann Novak, Chris Oliveria, Carl Pomposelli, Gala Porras-Kim, Max Schwartz, Leah Shirley, Bobbi Woods, and Matt Wardell.

Many thanks to Mat Timmons of Insert Blanc Press for design and production of this publication.

Available on Amazon:

Mike Kelley. Mike Kelley as the Banana Man. 1981. © Estate of Mike Kelley. All rights reserved. Courtesy Mike Kelley Foundation for the Arts. Photo: Jim McHugh.

The Permission of Mike Kelley by Karl Erickson; a personal reckoning of the Mike Kelley retrospective.

“Kelley’s laughter, (…) is not always, or even often, joyous. It is mocking, and the viewer is just as likely to be caught up in the artist’s belittlement as “the powers that be.” The sneering voice of Kelley reverberates throughout his artwork. Combined with screams, scrapes, moans and drones from various works, his voice issues from videos such as Blind Country, The Banana Man and installations such as Dialogue #5 (One Hand Clapping), wheedling and accusing. His nasal vocal tone, deliberate or not, stands in for all of the cynical and negative parts of Kelley’s work; telling us that so much is wrong and there is little hope, that gifts are obligations, aesthetic pleasure is misdirected sexual urge, and laughter is mockery.”

Continue reading here.

Paul Pescador August 17, 2011

Paul Pescador, Summer and the Movies

Paul Pescador reminds us of summers past with autobiographical tales as well as commentary on Jacques Tati’s Mr. Hulot’s Holiday, Godard’s Contempt, Todd Haynes’ Superstar, and Sadie Benning’s early 90s PixelVision videos.

“1. We’re sitting in traffic. It’s the first day summer. No, thats not true, its the first day that June gloom has burnt off and the heat has set in. We’re sitting in the car stuck in gridlock traffic. It’s Saturday and we’re trying to get to the beach for a birthday in Malibu. We’re dead silent; frustrated and exhausted by the heat and traffic. We sit and listen to Siri read us directions as she sends us on and off freeways. Somewhere between the 101, 105, 405 and the 710 intersection, I remember why I never go to the beach. The interchange is like Godard’s film Weekend (1967): miles and miles of traffic and car accidents. I shout out, “There better be a dead body!””

Continue reading here.

Commonwealth & Council Artist Residencies announcement photo

Commonwealth & Council resident artists reception:

Sarah McMenimen, Gina Osterloh and Ana Vega.

Saturday, July 26, from 7:00 to 10:00 PM.

“Influenced both by scientific and ritualistic lexicons, Sarah McMenimen converts the space into a laboratory to carry out various procedures engaged in cycles of transformation. Without a given hypothesis to prove, the results are tactile, temporal, and accept the lack of an absolute resolve.” – CW&C


HIT WITH ELEGANCE.” – Osterloh & Vega

Commonwealth & Council Artist Residencies announcement photo

“Native Strategies: N (enter) S : Issue #5: Music Issues – the privileging and negation of bodies of sound. Native Strategies will utilize the LACE stages to host performances and to stimulate collaboration between the often disparate artistic worlds of music and sound production in Los Angeles. This week, they invite a group of performances and musicians to perform to and for each other, including Odeya Nini & Oscar Miguel Santos (Sister Mantos), Dorian Wood & Claire Cronin, Todd Lerew & Kevin Robinson, Morgan Lee Gerstmar & Xina Xurner, and Weba Garretson & Ingrid Lee.”

Curated by Jules Gimbrone, Brian Getnik and Tanya Rubbak.

Saturday, July 26, 1:00 to 3:00 PM and Sunday, July 27, 1:00 to 3:00 PM


Native Strategies is a network of performance art makers, producers and critical thinkers who seek to invigorate and make globally visible Los Angeles’s performance art community. Co-directed by Brian Getnick and Tanya Rubbak, Native Strategies is a 5 year long study (2011 – 2016) of LA performance modalities through the creation of 10 differently themed performance series and 10 uniquely designed journals, resulting in a book.

Native Strategies:

Zach Kleyn,  A Mind of My Own, photo documentation of performance.

PAM Residencies July resident is Zach Kleyn. Kleyn will present a new performance on Friday and Saturday, August 1st and 2nd.

“Zach came by yesterday. He might be praying with the Evangelicals while at PAM and this encounter might just play a role in the performance he’s been developing with a large puppet-doppelganger.  He seemed interested in the fact that PAM used to be occupied by a Santos priest and he made some interesting correlations between Santeria, the Christians downstairs, and the charismatic religion he was raised in. Excited to see what happens when a resident investigates  PAM’s spirits, upstairs and downstairs.” – Brian Getnick

PAM Residencies:

Zach Kleyn:

Zach Kleyn will also be performing at Perform Chinatown, on July 26, at 6:00, 8:00 and 9:30, on Chung King Road.










[email protected] OR VISIT OR

The sixth edition of L.A.’s premier performance art gathering will present over 40 performers, distributed across a host of Chinatown galleries and public spaces on the 26th of July between 12 Noon and 10 PM.

This year’s rendition pools the complementary curatorial talents of Doug Harvey (Chain Letter, LA Weekly Annual Biennials), Lee Lynch (The Murder of Hi Good, headmaster of Teenage Wasteland of the Arts), and Paige Wery (The Good Luck Gallery, Artillery magazine).

Perform Chinatown 2014 : CHAOS REIGNS! stretches the boundaries of Performance Art to include live experimental music, historical reenactments, survivalist workshops, guided meditation rituals, chess tournaments, poetry, dance, video, and food – as well as the cutting edge New Genre happenings that define the field.

Some of the noteworthy happenings scheduled include:

a rare appearance by legendary media prankster Joey Skaggs;

a ritual invocation of Eris, Goddess of Chaos, by Skylaire Alfvegren and the Southern California Discordian Society;

the premiere of Hipponymous — a righteous new performance work by the Reverend Ethan Acres;

a live video feed of performances in Tehran, Iran organized by Maryan Vayghan

Brad Spence providing “Free Airbrush Body Paintings” to the public

DJ sets by Don Bolles, steve roden, and KCHUNG Radio;

Everything is Terrible – the Ride by eponymous psychedelic found footage comedy website mavens

former Los Angeles Cacophony Society “leader” Al Ridenour bringing Krampus in July

the first live performance by F (Marnie Weber, Dani Tull, Doug Harvey, & Daniel Hawkins), since the Mike Kelley LAFMS memorial at The Box;

a Human 4-Leaf Clover of Positive Energy led by China Adams

John “Let’s Paint TV” Kilduff playing multiple simultaneous chess games while painting portraits of his opponents

a rare live (non-hologrammatical) appearance by Tupac

Participating venues include The Good Luck Gallery, Melody Lounge, Human Resources, Jancar Gallery, The Public School, Formerly Fong’s, KK Gallery, Outpist, Actual Size, Coagula Curatorial, Cause Gallery, The Grand Star, Smaller Form Space, Skunkworks, and more!

The main stage on Chung King Road will feature live bands and karaoke.
2014 Performer List: Reverend Ethan Acres, China Adams, Bas Jan Ader, The ALHAMBRA Chinese-American Children’s Choir, Patrick Ballard, Tony Banuelos, Genevieve Belleveau, Don Bolles, Kristin Cammermeyer, Charmaine’s Names, Claudia Cano, Clementine Clementine, Connie, Ben Cuevas, Christian Cummings, Steve Craig, Michael Decker and Broc Smith, Joe Deutch, Dani Dodge, Dog the Bounty Hunter, Kate Durbin, Earth Like Planets, Everything is Terrible, F (Marnie Weber, Doug Harvey, & Daniel Hawkins), Matt Fielder, Simone Gad, Pascale Georgiev & Kingston Trinder, Kio Griffith & Ted Byrnes, Hell(O) (Martin Durazo, Ichiro Irie, Mike Dee), Inmo, Angie Jennings, Amy Kaps, KCHUNG, Keith Walsh Experience, Ali Kheradyar, John Kilduff, Zachary Kleyn, Mannlicher Carcano, Audrey Moyer, Raphael Noz, Atsuko Okatsuka, Mariko Passion, Sarah Petersen & Veronique d’Entremont, Mary Anna Pomonis, Al Ridenour, steve roden, Ross Rudel, Matthew Savitsky, Michael Q. Schmidt, Greg Shank, Molly Shea, Aaron Sheppard with Sylvia Welch, Joey Skaggs, Skunkworks (Crystal Erienson, Patricia Burns, Charlie Minchenberg, & Andrea Breiling), Brad Spence, Chris Springer, “StarryKitchen” (Marisa Williamson and Lex Brown), The Tin Woodsman, Tiny Top Pataphysical Circus, Jason Triefenbach, Tupac, Urban Crop Circle/Sumi Ink Club, Christine Wertheim, Miggie Wong, Wounded Lion, Aaron Wrinkle, Yarnboming Los Angeles, and more!
Organizers have launched an Indiegogo campaign HERE to raise funds for honoraria for all participants. Premiums range from a live personal toast/actual piece of toast combo package to a signed limited edition LP by F with an original collaborative collage by Marnie Weber, Dani Tull, and Doug Harvey; from Joey Skagg’s trademarked Universal Bullshit Detector watch to handcrafted orgonite pyramids that neutralize EMF radiation and combat chemtrails.
A detailed map and schedule will be published the week of the event and will be available in hard copy and as a download on
Hail Eris!

Martin Basher Untitled, 2014 Oil on burlap   40 x 28 inches

Duckrabbit, at Anat Ebgi
Organized by Jason Bailer Losh.
Closing Saturday, July 26.
“Whenever someone other than the artist sees an artwork, a duckrabbit is born. A lobed inkblot, seen one way, resembles a duck; seen another, a rabbit. The eye is an eye, but the ears are also a beak. The artist draws a duck; the viewer sees a rabbit. The present show is the public debut of rare and energetic creatures, born in the solitude of the studio, anxious to be seen. The present show is the consummation of a long flirtation between intent and reception.
Duckrabbits fill the damp warren of the gallery. As the viewer wades in, ankle deep in duckrabbits, interpretations proliferate. Wherever you look, behind every rustle in the weeds, out darts another aesthetic dilemma: duck or rabbit; rabbit or duck. Sculptures read as inverted furniture; photographs confuse the optical and the physical; paintings extrude the picture plane into vertical still lifes. Plinths, striations, expressive lines, painterly marks, texture, polish, highlights and shadows abound. The borders between sculpture and installation, sight and touch, art and object approach a feathery, furry precision. These duckrabbit scenes, meant to be read one way, read another, pivot around a core, around an eye common to both duck and rabbit: the quality of being art.”

Daniel Ingroff,  Parrot, 2014 Acrylic on canvas 54 x 40.5 inches

The White Album
Curated by Gladys-Katherina Hernando
Through August 16, 2014
Richard Telles Fine Art is pleased to announce The White Album, a group show curated by Gladys-Katherina Hernando featuring nineteen Los-Angeles-based artists. The exhibition will present contemporary painting, video, sculpture, and performance that engages with the search for the transcendental in California. Influenced by quintessential aspects and industries of LA – the landscape, fashion, porn, mysticism, Hollywood, and remnants of the burnt-out 60s – The White Album focuses on works that explore ideas of alchemy, animism, vitalism, magic, corporeal transformation, and wonder. These concepts are positioned together to generate a connection that exists outside of ourselves and in alternative modes of consciousness.
Inspired by the book and essay of the same name by writer Joan Didion, The White Album creates a series of subtexts that relate and play with one another in the attempt to recreate the formation of narratives and the sensation of the intangible magic that inspires these artists works. In her essay, Didion writes about the end of the 60s and explores various topics about California, from the opening of the lavish Getty Villa and the emergence of the Women’s Movement to the importance of water in the desert, and invisible politics.
Today there is another ending: the lack of grand narratives, the proliferation of images in culture, and the loss of the imagination of the future. Yet artists have returned to the exploration of the sublime and the metaphysical aspects of lived experience. Like the book, the exhibition focuses on California artists dealing with a variety of subjects linked to the intangible qualities of the mystical and transcendental.
A publication will be produced on the occasion of the exhibition with texts by Gladys-Katherina Hernando, Lia Trinka-Browner, and Itza Vilaboy, and available for the duration of the show.
The exhibition includes work by Christopher Badger, Kristen Beinner James, Alika Cooper, Eduardo Consuegra, Dan Finsel, Mark Hagen, Daniel Ingroff, Barry Johnston, James Krone, Max Maslansky, Dianna Molzan, Laurie Nye, Fay Ray, Semi-Tropic Spiritualists, Amanda Ross-Ho, Katherine Ryan, Owen Schmit, Mary Weatherford, and Jonas Wood.

Standard Candles, Installation view at Samuel Freeman

Andrew Cameron, Emilie Halpern – Standard Candles
Samuel Freeman Gallery through August 23
“In a search for excuses, consider the following: There are miniscule articulations of the grand, and imposing articulations of the slight. There will be a sculpture that looks like this and a photograph that looks like that. Of course, the look is an excuse for the looking. Like she said, “plants do not actually sleep. Nor do they lie or even bluff. They do, however, expose their genitalia,” one of several surefire ways to be seen.”
And Yes, I Even Remember You., curated by Eric Kim
With Scott Benzel, Patricia Fernández, Hailey Loman, D’Ette Nogle, Mungo Thomson, open through August 30th.
“… [I]ndividual experience is clearly inseparable from the culture in which it is constituted. This truth is in fact at the root of the most beautiful mysteries of life. Thus, in our intermediations, we can share with one another an immensely rich history of experience and reflection. Yet as individuals, at the same time, we may run the risk of losing a sense of personal identity, and growing blank in the process—like the postcard photographer’s gaze as he captures his empty images.”  – Allan McCollum
History is frequently a commodity for consumption with which contemporary mythologies are created. Collections and their subsequent modes of presentation indicate the interrelatedness of makers and consumers of culture. Memories of events and systems of cataloging collide with economic and political forces, generating a common narrative that replaces truth with mythology.
In the group exhibition And yes, I even remember you., artists employ various strategies to discern the innumerable narratives intersecting at the point where cultural history is created. Each acts as an interlocutor intervening in the exchange of ideas and memories, within respective contexts of shared culture.

Michael Moshe Dahan, Installation View 2 "Ten Thousand Trillion Dollars", 2014 Photo: Jeff McLane

Ideal Territory

New work by recent UC Irvine MFA graduates:
Jenn Berger, Sean Cassidy, Michael Moshe Dahan, Heather Delaney, Shaun Garren, Rochele Gomez, Elan Greenwald, Daniel Hawkins, Isabel Theselius

Curated by Elan Greenwald


July 26 – August 16, 2014

Opening Reception: July 26, 6-8pm

“The moment you identified yourself in the mirror, you saw yourself as an isolated figure, different from the rest of the world. You set yourself apart as an image, emerging as necessarily separate from the “real” world around you. You registered yourself as a distinct concept. You appeared as a figure and all the rest, ground.”

Ideal Territory brings together a group of works that obliquely consider territory itself—as domain, history, narrative, and site of comparison. Sliding between conceptual borders that distinguish these properties, the assembled gestures find themselves decisively within a territory of ideals. As if by accident—though assuredly no accident—the ground returns as a seeping substance into these works. Together they form a constellated image of that which is shared in common as precisely that which forms the foundation of separation.

Made possible by the generous support of Cirrus Gallery. A catalog will accompany the exhibition.

David Hendren, Echo's Drift,  Installation view at 5 Car Garage, Image courtesy of the artist and Anna Melikstian Gallery, 5 Car Garage

On Thursday, July 31st at 7pm, LA based artist David Hendren will perform a set of sound works at Meliksetian | Briggs, 313 N. Fairfax Ave. as part of his show, Echo’s Drift at Meliksetian | Briggs and 5 Car Garage.

Each of these works gather simple sounds to form complex and repetitive rhythms, that, through the use of extended and controlled feedback, transform into dense walls of sound. Much like the visual works in the show, this strategy addresses the artist’s interest in the space between construction and destruction, and the way repetition and feedback can push sounds in both of these directions.

Hendren has been composing sound works for over a decade but has only recently begun performing them live. His works draw on the histories of both experimental music and sound art. His interest in repetition and feedback can be traced back to the works of Alvin Lucier, Terry Rielly, and Steve Reich, while his use of samples and dark tonalities recalls the early works of Christian Marclay and Scott Walker.

The exhibition Echo’s Drift featuring paintings and sculptures continues at Meliksetian | Briggs and 5 Car Garage.

David Hendren, Echo's Drift, Installation view at 5 Car Garage, Image courtesy of the artist and Anna Meliksetian Gallery, 5 Car Garage

luciano perna

Luciano Perna
life is full of surprises,
more or less interesting…
“Last year, large quantities of silver and gold were detected in the Mediterranean Sea by a group of scientists. The particles were discharged from an underwater volcano named Kolumbo. Silver has been used for thousands of years for tools and ornament, for trade, and for monetary systems. Photography consumed more than 30% of the silver produced in 1998, though its use has declined more recently due to the emergence of digital technology and home printing devices.
The word Photography arrives from the Greek photos meaning “light” and graphein meaning “draw, scratch, paint”. When small crystals of silver salts are exposed to light, a few atoms of metallic silver are liberated. These free silver atoms form the latent image.
One could understand the Shroud of Turin as an early photograph. I remember looking at the shroud surrounded by people worshiping. For some this textile is a document of Jesus Christ’s crucifixion, for others it is proof of the exceeding capabilities of the mechanical eye over the human eye.
2.5 billion years ago the Earth lacked oxygen. According to geologists, the transition from predominantly submarine volcanoes to terrestrial ones helped to transform the atmosphere into a livable place.
Years ago I received a postcard from Naples. My friend wrote that she met some people and got wasted, drinking wine known as Lacryma Christi (tears of Christ).
It wasn’t until this year that I received another postcard depicting Vesuvius; it came from Los Angeles.” – Leander Schwazer, 2014
Opening Reception: Saturday, May 31, 6-10 PM
Exhibition: June 4–August 1, 2014
Gallery Hours: Wednesday–Saturday from 12 – 5 PM
1933 S. Broadway, Suite 1242
Los Angeles, CA 90007
thanks for the mammaries
Thanks for the Mammaries
Bettina Hubby’s special group exhibition at ForYourArt
6020 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90036
July 31 – August 18, 2014
Opening Reception: Thursday, July 31st, 7-9pm
Klowden Mann is pleased to announce Thanks for the Mammaries, Los Angeles-based artist and provocateur Bettina Hubby’s unique exhibition of boob-themed art, including over 100 artists who have come together to support Hubby in the face of her recent diagnosis with breast cancer. The opening reception will include a live auction of artworks benefiting The Cancer Support Community Benjamin Center. Entertainment will be provided by Janet Klein and Tom Marion.
What began on Facebook as a unique and smile-inducing way for Hubby to announce her own diagnosis and the double mastectomy (etc.) that soon followed, is now coming to fruition in the form of a singular exhibition only four months later. Thanks for the Mammaries evidences an art community at its kindest. She didn’t want pity, she wanted to laugh, and so Hubby asked for people to send her boobs, not sadness, and it worked. Every day people flowered her with images, videos and verbiage of a boob-variety unimaginable, and this helped her through, and inspired her to pay it forward. Then she sent out a call to artists to submit works for an actual exhibition and accepted all entries. The resulting array of breastishness is boggling and delightful, eerie and powerful.
In conjunction with the exhibition, Klowden Mann is partnering with Paddle8 for an auction of the artworks and other forms of responses to Hubby’s call for work, with between 25% and 75% of the sale of each piece going towards The Cancer Support Community Benjamin Center, a local Los Angeles charity that offers free support groups, counseling, and educational symposiums for those facing cancer, with specific support groups and educational outreach for breast cancer. During the run of the exhibition, there will also be a panel with major figures in the field of breast cancer research, treatment, alternative and technological advances offering their expertise and opinion on the state of cancer response as it stands today, details to be announced soon.
Please come and show your support for the most serious of topics approached in a brave a beautiful way.
The spirited and appreciated artists included in this exhibition are as follows:

Suzanne Adelman & Keith Walsh, Adler & Edmark, Ashton Allen, Skip Arnold, Joshua Aster, Chad Attie, Virginia Broersma, Kristin Calabrese, Gary Cannone, Jamison Carter, Bernard Chadwick, Angel Chen, Alice Clements, David Cull, William Dailey, Jill Daves, Gerald Davis, David Deany, Michael Dee, Mara De Luca, Ruben Diaz & Rebecca Lofchie, Bob Dornberger, Shannon Durbin, David P. Earle, Rebecca Farr, Susan Feldman, Christine Frerichs, Dwora Fried, Barbara Gillespie, Paula Goldman, Emma Gray, Rachel Grynberg, Karin Gulbran, Joe Hardesty, Jacqueline Haut & Nicolo Messina, Micol Hebron, Toby Burke Hemingway, Bettina Hubby, Tyler Hubby, Tomi Hurtado Sher, Jessica Huston, Charles Irvin, Kristin Beinner James, Pamela Jorden, Savannah Kingsley Smith, Janet Klein & Robert Loveless, John Knuth, Alison Kudlow, Tessa Laird, Brianne Latthitham, Cathy Lightfoot, Kristi Lippire, David Lloyd, Karen Lofgren, LuLu LoLo, Omar Lopex, Marne Lucas, Randi Malkin Steinberger, Daphne Mangin, Luiga Martelloni, Alexis Mendez, Rebecca Niederlander, Chris Oliveria, John Orvis, Adrian Paules, Adria Pauli, Terri Phillips, Pat Pickett, Norah Plum, Linda Pollack, Olivia Primé, Stephanie Pryor, Steven Rimlinger, Rebecca Ripple, Jennifer Rochlin, Marcella Ruble, Ed Ruscha, Amy Russell, Ander Sanborn, Esteban Schimpf, Julia Schwartz, Danny Shain, Susan Silton, Mike Slack, Joe Sola, George Stoll, William Stone, Paula Tiberius, Dani Tull, Gabriela Tollman, Spike Dolomite Ward, Nicki Wicker, Alexandra Wiesenfeld, Saskia Wilson-Brown & Micah Hahn, Bobbi Woods, Austin Young.

omar lopex still from diana for thanks for the mammaries

"This fake tatt could be yours! Its based on a real tatt by Ander Sanborn done on his real self for this real project." Bettina Hubby.

Jessika Wood, for Bettina Hubby

ForYourArt at 6020 Wilshire Blvd.:

Klowden Mann:

ruin ben white

Book Launch Party!

Ruin Upon Ruin by Ben White

@Insert Blanc HQ

Please join Ben White and Insert Blanc Press for a Book Launch Party to celebrate the release of Ruin Upon Ruin by Ben White.

Featuring 30 paintings along with numerous details and images from White’s sketchbook, Ruin Upon Ruin by Ben White is a large format, full color, hardbound edition with essays by Doug Harvey and John Hogan.

The evening will include a performance featuring Mathew Timmons, Vanessa Place, Kim Calder, and Andrew Choate; and an opportunity to ostracize a member of the Los Angeles Art polis.

There will be ample grilled foodstuffs and drinkable drinks, as well as an opportunity to purchase the book at a special book launch price.

Hope to see you there!

Saturday, August 7:30 PM till late.

Insert Blanc Press HQ: 2806 1/2 Lincoln Park Blvd., LA 90031

Event on Fb:

Buy Ruin Upon Ruin here:

It’s 2:45 in the AM. I won’t finish this task until 3:30, then I’ll go to sleep.

Good morning to you, and sweet dreams.

Thanks for your time, my friends.

I leave you, my friends, with a song that I heard on KUSC a week ago Sunday; and I dedicate this song to the memory of a master.

Anonymous 4 sing In the Sweet By and By for Mike Kelley, on GrooveShark:!/s/Sweet+By+And+By/2IuICM?src=5

mike closing party

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