John Burtle “Support Constructs” reviewed in NY ARTS

7556_Burtle1 7556_Burtle2 mb836_Burtle_HairySucculent_2013 mb840_Burtle_Flowerpot(skyblue)_2012 mb841_Burtle_ThanksButanUmbrellaorSomethingWouldbeMoreUseful_2013 mb842_Burtle_Untitled(everythingisnotok)_2013 mb844_Burtle_PrimaryLandscape_2013 mb825_Burtle_Heart_2013 mb843_Burtle_StrawberryWrapper_2013 7578_Burtle2 7578Burtle_1 mb829_Burtle_Untitled(PhoneBook)_2013 mb834_Burtle_Licker_2013 mb835_Burtle_Ghost(s)_2013 mb837_Burtle_Shelovesmeshelovesmenotshelovesmeshelovesmenot_2013 mb838_mb839_mb840_Morethancanbeseen(sheet)_werk(sheet)_FlowerPot_2013


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