Rachel Rose, Sitting Feeding Sleeping at Night Gallery

I remember a nudibranch, it was plump and pretty and it glowed; it lived in darkness at the bottom of the sea, where every creature is blind.

I remember a bird, or possibly some other animal, who did not care that I existed; even though in my mind I stood close by and cared so much.

I remember a scene showing peacocks in a zoo, and a voice explaining zoo animals’ lives – or perhaps I’m mixing the film with a news story I heard later. No matter. This scene reminded me of the work of a friend, and so it connected directly to my life; whether by a wrong association or a long acquaintance doesn’t matter.

I wondered about the ability of this film to open life to me, to open my life to me; this work of another, an artist with different goals than I, employing different means, and following different rules.

Watching, I forgot the gallery, I forgot the friends I had left standing and chatting; I forgot myself. I considered that even my sublime consciousness doesn’t save me from being merely “a transmission device to put more calcium in the soil” when my body goes into the ground.

Rachel Rose, Sitting Feeding Sleeping, in the group exhibition XOXO at Night Gallery



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