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Dreamscapes of Los Angeles is a collection of literary snapshots of LA through the lens of contemporary art, and in the very specific voice of Notes on Looking. Dreamscapes of Los Angeles is a summing up in the evolution of one of the city’s most unusual phenomena – the generous and generative website that has kept track of the doings of artists in Los Angeles, and which has invited and inspired discussion of the artistic practices of the city, Notes on Looking. (Yay.)
Ladies and gentlemen, friends and colleagues, all and sundry, I  present to you the Notes on Looking Reader (available from MagCloud), and I invite you to a celebration of the book, the site, and the spirit that informs both, on Saturday, August 3rd, From 4:00 to 6:00 PM at Commonwealth and Council.
A limited number of Readers will be available at the launch for the discounted priceof $36. Online orders from MagCloud are $41. Order now or come to Commonwealth and Council. Hey – buy a copy now, and then come to the party!
To ensure that the atmosphere of the party will accommodate the sense of pleasure, celebration and intellectual rigor that one expects from Notes on Looking, the Joanna Rose Trio will be playing jazz music in the manner of Thelonius Monk, Carmen McCrae and Betty Carter. I’m honored to have three acclaimed musicians, Joanna Rose (vocals), Richard Simon (Contrabass), and Dave Koonse (guitar) playing for this launch of my book. Seeing jazz shows with my mom thirty years ago is how I started out, my friends; jazz is where I first recognized the power of myth and where I learned to pay attention. It’s nice to come full circle. I hope you can join me.
A teasing preview of the contents:
Old Shatterhand in Chinatown
Dan Finsel’s Self Box #1
On Middle Age after Midnight
Spoken Words for Charles Gaines’ “Skybox”
She Didn’t Want to Win
Brianne Latti
So Nice to Meet You
Brianne Latti
Across Steve Turner, by Lucas Chaddwick, Jr.
David Bell
Meteor Shower
Jonathon Hornedo
Portrait of an American Family, or This American Life (Paul and Damon McCarthy’s Rebel Dabble Babble
Aaron Wrinkle
Death as Chaddwick
David Bell
Selbstbildnis (on traveling away, on being other)
EJ Hill
My Lab Rat-self Did Things That Surprise Me, And Other Observations of Silence
David Bell, Becky Kolsrud, Jonathon Hornedo, John Pearson, Tiffany Smith, Bettina Hubby, Carlyn Aguilar, Olga     Koumoundouros
The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie, or “I Only Paid For It!” (Considering a performance by EJ Hill – an exchange with Ari Marcantonio)
Thinking of the night (for Andrew Berardini, Michael Dopp, Mieke Marple and Davida Nemeroff)
EJ Hill at UCLA Open Studios
The Body as a Site of Struggle (an exchange with Asher Hartman)
Blank Canvases and Claire de Lune (an exchange with Jonathon Hornedo)
So Funny it Hurts: Asher Hartman with Curt Lemieux
Dear Adam, On the First Day
You’re Not a Hierarchy, Are You? (Radicalizing Pick-up Soccer   with Daniel Lara)
Overheard and Seen (encounters with Carol Cheh, Peter Harkawik, Dawn Kasper, Karen Adelman and Samara Golden)
Something Personal and Very Dear (queer marriage, Occupy, and revolution)
A Reverie (Memories from an AIDS survivor, after the death of his friends. Inspired by a Pet Shop Boys song and a video by Brian Bress.)
Less Summer, End, by Lucas Chaddwick, Jr.
David Bell
Last Night I was Kidnapped by a Midget, Driving an Alpha Romeo Spider Veloce (an encounter with Calvin Lee)
A Peculiar Reading
Latoya Raveneau
Liz Glynn’s Black Box
Dan Finsel – The Space Between Us
Alexis Smith – Masculine Feminine, Der Zauberberg, et Isadora
Rest Area – Dan Graham’s Triangular Bridge Over Water, Laumeier Sculpture Park, St. Louis, MO
Aaron Wrinkle
Richard Jackson, a Book, and My Brother
York Chang: From the Parkfield Review #2
York Chang
To the Lighthouse – South of the Chicken Statue on Broadway
A face you can trust. A book you can read. Come to the party!


Also on August 3rd:
Insert Blanc Press HQ and Chris Niemi Studio would like to invite you to General Projects: A Show for You a summer show at Insert Blanc Press HQ / Chris Niemi Studio.
The show will consist of artists on Insert Blanc Press alongside various other artists we’ve recently met, and some who are relatively new to Los Angeles. Work in the show will consist of sculpture, photography, painting, video, performance and etc… Besides the opening we have scheduled dates for events to make room for time based work such as readings, lectures, performances, screenings and etc with Friday August 9th focused slightly more on video screenings.
We’re in Downtown LA in a warehouse and have a fair amount of open wall and floor space. We live here and are excited to have our living area also function as a gallery and performance space! You may see a list of artists below and we will be adding surprise performances to the list.
We would love you to join us for General Projects: A Show for You


Lauren Cherry & Max Springer

Andrew Choate

Greg Curtis

Christian Cummings

Andrew Durbin

Amy Garofano

Alexandra Grant

Doug Harvey

Katie Herzog

Janne Larsen

Jackie Laurita

Chris Niemi

Steve Roden

Karin Stothart

Ben White

Written by Mathew Timmons — July 15, 2013



Join us for the release of LA’s newest arts and culture magazine, VIA Publication. VIA is a quarterly print magazine and online platform that documents visual art, music, and food culture within contemporary LA life. We publish and archive original content brought forth by our staff and contributors. Please join us for conversation, donuts and drinks as we celebrate VIA Issue 01, available for sale at the eventWe look forward to seeing you there!

July 28, 2013 at 6pm – 11pm

Control Room

2006 E 7th St

Los Angeles, CA 90021

United States

Google map and directions

Julie Niemi · [email protected]


Sweet dreams from Notes on Looking


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