Inmo is going away

photo (13)

Two friends walk, on another friend’s back

as a way to say goodbye.

Two famous stars for three dollars (despite the homophobia) to soak

up Ballantines and Dunhills and the pink, sparkling wine.


The city at night. Lightening bugs in a jar.

A bystander who monitors

and she questions. Percipience and rigor. The

Sort of critique one receives from an open heart

and an informed mind.

photo (14)

Angelo and I are early, and we are late. That moment when

the show has not begun, as you arrive, and yet

one cannot leave. Embarrassed, we complete the set up

of booze and food and napery,

an opium pipe,

and a little dog.

It is Los Angeles and across town

other parties are happening, other people are looking;

they always are – it is to be expected.

And the night wears on…

There will be a show soon, at

Human Resources, of music

and objects and people.

I find that Rebecca’s class, who is so vulnerable, at a place that prides itself on stringent asperity


Another sort of rigor. A generative disarray. Students who believe.

And Young and David and Ben and David and Amanda Joy and the lightening bugs in jars…

Can you imagine believing

in Los Angeles?


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