Today on Broadway (email newsletter 21 June, 2013)


notes on looking
contemporary art in los angeles
If you are in Josua Tree this weekend. 
Log Jam. 
James Hayward,
Variations on the Annunciation, Botticelli Variation.
A hero painter, paints heroic work.
Coincident philosophy. (Thanks Claire, thanks Philippe)
The text, in its entirety, from a text message trail between David Bell and me: “There’s something already nostalgic about a text, isn’t there? And especially a texted image, as if it says: “I am here now, when I send this. By the time you see this, I will have been here – but I’m likely no longer there. Neither are you. We are both alone, me in the moment of sending, you receiving. But our connection feels so real, that it touches emotion. Without touching us.” this is how I imagine texted images talk.
photo (9)
The second floor lobby at 435 South Broadway has the romanticism of any less-than-gentrified space in the city, and Caleb Lyons’ installation fulfills this sense of James Cain/Dashiell Hammett. Lyons’ paintings have an aesthetic transparency that deepens, that becomes mysterious and unsettling as one considers them. I had the experience of reading a
short story, and being captured…
Saturday, at 435 S. Broadway
(friend, i hope i got your instagram account right. you wanted a surprise…)
Through July 15.
A sheet for the Bingo Bongo Bed.
A recent Conversation
Another one
Monomythia, resolution
Fragile. We can be so…
The late, late show (and more)
Say goodnight, Gracie.


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