Re-Launch of Notes on Looking email (yay!) (email newsletter 14 March, 2011)

Notes on Looking

Contemporary Art in Los Angeles

Hello my friends, Geoff Tuck here.

It has been a while since you heard from me and Notes on Looking. Um, thanks for waiting! I hope you’ll enjoy the new format. The blog is up and happily chugging along, and I have backed up the available online archive through November 2009. I have been writing new posts almost daily since October.

This is my first attempt to create my own newsletter template and you will see that I am a bit clunky with it, or to use Notes-speak, “Bear with me, my email format is currently dorky. In my mind Notes on Looking is and always will be a work in progress. Good stuff will happen here.”

I assure you that my writing on the subjects we all care about – Los Angeles contemporary art and culture – is as thoughtful, engaging, and comprehensive (and cheerfully good hearted) as it always has been. I am able to include more images on the blog now and each post offers space for reader comments.

One change you will notice: I no longer try to mention every exhibition and event in town, nor even “only the one’s worth seeing.” I can and do recommend to you Art Cards and ArtSlant and For Your Art if you wish for these services – they have the staff and the space to properly offer them.

I hope to remain a guide to much of what I find important in our fair city and I offer you international readers a window into a most vibrant, open and supportive art community. You will be pleased and amazed!

As with every such email, if you wish to unsubscribe please scroll down to the footer and find the appropriate tab for making that request.

If, on the other hand, you would like to forward Notes on Looking to a friend then good lord please do and iuvite them to subscribe!!! I shall thank you for doing so!!!

As this is the inaugural email newsletter in the New Year and new format I am not certain how I shall continue. I typically post to the blog almost daily – I imagine what I shall do is release one email a week with links to new posts. Again, please bear with me as I work this all out.

As it may have been months and months since you last stopped by, I will here include a few links to posts that jump out at me:

Donald Moffett: Blue (NY) Redux, November 23, 2010

Edgar Arceneaux at Susanne Vielmetter, December 3, 2010

Archaeology, December 9, 2010

The Present Moment and for the Future, December 10, 2010

Trixie, Libertine, Zeus and Helvetica, sometime in January

A Note From our Correspondent in Berlin: Hans Arp and Kurt Schwitters at Isabella Bortolozzi February-ish

It’s All About Aaron Wrinkle March? February?

Dan Graham – Performance/Audience/Mirror Same here

Sarah Cain Studio Visit And so on…

Dear Leila Khastoo

Going out to all the painters, artists and mystics I know

Notes on Looking Spring Image Housecleaaning!

Steve Roden Studio Visit

As always, I thank you for reading and I look forward to our future conversations. Believe me – you have been missed!

Fondly and with a great deal of excitement, I remain yours,

Geoff Tuck

Explanatory post script (24 June, 2013):

David became horrified when he learned that none of the two-plus years of email newsletters that I’ve done since I launched the website exist anywhere on Notes on Looking. “That’s your product!” He admonished me…. “…and how will future grad students study your oeuvre????” I wish he had retired years ago – I could have used a business manager when I started!

Plus (laughing ashamedly) I just found that I can cut and paste the html from my email service to my website. Duh. So, forgive me if you’ve seen this one already, but I would like to announce the first Notes email to be posted to Notes on Looking the website. Yay.

And now pray for me that my angel continues to save me from my confusion (:


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