A Birth in the Family

Notes on Looking wishes to congratulate Emiliano Sol Lara-Aguilar on being born this past Sunday, June 16 (Father’s Day, in the US) to two wonderful people, Carlyn Aguilar and Daniel Lara.

Emiliano, my friend, you are named for a great man, a hero. Learn your history, Emiliano, and draw on the intelligence and the strength of the past to grow tall into the future, with the love of your mom and your dad. Know that you are lucky, and that you are loved.

All my best to you, Carlyn, and to you Daniel as your love for each other grows with your new family.


  1. Thanks Geoff & David! E will be so excited to meet his padrinos de fuego! Que viva!

  2. Yay. We love all three of you, Carlyn. I can’t wait to meet the young gentleman!

    (big smile) I also can’t wait to have you back at Notes. People miss you!

    Fondly yours,


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