Potlatch and good-bye to 637 Wilcox *but not to LA*

Moving. Changing. Living. Remembering. Packing.


Between fifteen years of learning, loving, exploring AND MAKING FRIENDS in LA, and another not yet determined span of time to be spent welcoming many of our friends in the town of Parkfield, CA, David and I are making time to celebrate, to reciprocate the love we have received, and to redistribute among our friends some of life’s bounty that has come our way.

Welcome to our potlatch!

Every evening between Monday, March 4 and Thursday, May 14. Some weekends, too!

Delicious selections of rare and fine port/shallot pate, lovely herb spread, home made hummus and fromage fort (savory leek broth, fine cheeses, yum) are provided for your pleasure by FUFU. (That is Feed Us Fund Us).



Wines are yours for the quaffing sipping (we do need to get this move on, after all) from the storied Firefly Ridge Vinyard. (Yay Vons and their 75% off red and white sale!!! Five freaking 99 per bottle – even barely adequate wine is cheap at this price!)

Pictured below are just a few of the desired things on offer.

Many of these fine objects are already on reserve – the connoisseurship that developed this collection of ars decoratifs is rewarded by high demand for them in the free – and I do mean free (we are giving this stuff away) – marketplace!

So come tonight, whichever night that might be!!! We’ll be packing, you can look. Hell – you can help us pack – hahaha!

Email me at [email protected] for information, or call if you have our number.

Some of you will know that David and I are working with Emma Gray of 5 Car Garage to place some of our art collection; to sell some of the art we have collected over the years. The proceeds from these sales will support our ongoing Parkfield Project of retreats, and will allow us to fulfill David’s dream of hosting artist residencies in that golden valley in Central California. Outward Bound for Artists will live and grow, now partly with help from the sale of art we collected in Los Angeles.


We have also been working with Rita Gonzalez of LACMA to place several pieces from our collection in the museum’s collection. Additionally, we have donated several pieces to LACE for the auction in May to help support LACE’s ongoing artist programs.

David and I feel strongly that the art we have collected in this community can help benefit the community; and that by using this combination of sales and gifts we are being true to the spirit that has always guided us, the spirit of support.

And be sure, my friends, that a good many works of art will live in our dreamed-of studio space for artists in Parkfield, because it’s wonderful to have great works of art around you when you create.

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