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Hello, my name is Molly Jo Shea and you probably don’t know me. I’m not important; I just graduated from School of the Art Institute of Chicago and before that I went to Los Angeles County High School for the Arts. I’m 23. I used to work for a prestigious online art gallery, but they fired me to hire someone who is important. I can’t say I blame them. You’ve probably seen me around, I was probably talking to someone you know.

I don’t have famous parents, my artwork isn’t renowned, my opinions, although sometimes published, aren’t notorious or innovative; I’m not cool, I’m not attractive in that “work with her to sleep with her” way, and I can’t do anything for your career.

Yet seeing that there was an end on the horizon with the completion of the Mayan calendar, I realized I wanted to leave the earth without regrets. Being back in LA for almost two years now, I’ve had to reconstruct my community, my interpretation of the art world, and what I wanted  to contribute and gain from my new discoveries.

That’s why for the last 9 weeks I’ve been hosting the Countdown Series out of my studio the Dutch Door, located at RAID Projects where I am an assistant director to director Jason Ramos, alongside James Marshall. People generally call me the new Carrie (Carrie Mcilwain).  Dutch Door is large for a studio but small for a performance venue. It has a built-in table, all concrete walls and of course, a dutch door.

I wanted to create a space to allow these new artists that I was meeting to present new or developed work without having to fear the formal constraints of an established institution. All performances took place on Sunday, generally being set up on the day and started at 7. All performers were varied, usually coming from different communities, backgrounds, experience levels and approaches.

Using the simple constraint of “Do a piece about the end of the world”, performers have contributed a variety of experiences from lounge-act musing from isolated space stations on post-earth, epic rap narratives with conspiracy underlining, interactive therapeutic social experiences, apocalyptic dinner parties, post modern stand-up acts, anxiously waiting for the end in a carpeted pseudo-suburban living room, yearning for the apocalypse trapped behind a desk, and a room full of twelve live bunnies.

In these 9 weeks people have laughed, cried, been maced, kicked out, zip-tied, liquored-up,  vomited, and given editions of artwork signed in blood. On 12-21-12 we’re going to die. I’m okay with this now. I have seen that there is heart, soul, and dedication in the art world of Los Angeles if you are willing to search for it, and even more surprisingly, people will come to support it. All in all, these artists and viewers have helped me realize that I’m not yet… Finished In LA.

Please come to RAID Projects on 12-21-12 to celebrate the end of the Countdown Series and see works of other artists entranced with our imminent doom. There are video works, drawings, paintings, writing, and performance objects.Through out the evening, performances will be screened in the Dutch Door.  At midnight, pending earth not being shattered by a comet, there will be a dance party.

The Countdown Artists:
Sam Davis
Tiffany Smith
David Lucas Bell
Molly Jo Shea
Amy Day
Devin Kenny
Nathan Bockelman
Jay Erker
Ivette Soler

Additional Work By:
Wes Johansen
Lyle Perkins
Paul Evans
Catalina Niculescu
Zach Kleyn
Hilary Huckins-Weidner

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