Benoît Delaunay and Aaron Wrinkle and you

Dear Friends,

If you’re around December 14th before the holidays we would love your
attendance.  You can also schedule a visit the 9th-21st by phone at
323 472 7089 or 323 600 5731 between the 9th-16th.


Benoît Delaunay

Aaron Wrinkle

And now, I (this is Geoff Tuck) re-blog for you a web project by Benoît Delaunay from image and text1:


BENOÎT DELAUNAY, Artist, Switzerland

[email protected]

The Element of a Routine

Replying to the invitation of the artist Aaron Wrinkle to show something of my work on his website (used as virtual gallery), I proposed him to publish rather a work in progress. The following images put on line weekly are like the elements of a diary. Each image substitutes for the former one, communicating a new feature and drawing the thread of an ongoing shape.

Interested in the notion of time and mutations implied in our perceptions, my work focuses on the notions of topography as a sequence of time and space in which the conditions of the existence of any object and their acknowledgment are gathered.


1(For Image and Text artists and other art professionals have been invited to submit an image of their liking along with a descriptive text.  The images can be anything from an individual work, a portrait of a favorite artist or person, a favorite site, artwork or architecture and other images possibly pulled from the internet or personal archives.

In general here the images propose or suggest taste whereas the artist’s meaning behind these desired presentations is specified through writing.)

Post Script

Aah, yes, truth in advertising. My title promises you you. Join Benoît and Aaron (Delaunay and Wrinkle) in Chinatown at 510 Bernard Street on December 14 and you will find yourself there. As noted above, you may also visit by appointment on dates between December 9 and 21.

Enjoy your visit. Share a glass. See art. Meet Benoît and Aaron. Take something home – it is the holidays, and nothing says “Happy Whatever” like buying a work of art.

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