Steve and Sari Roden home, by Wallace Neff. Photo from LA Times article, which is linked.

SASSAS Listening Parties are famous for showcasing idiosyncratic music selections in adventurous architectural spaces. In the past, SASSAS has invited to spin sounds such art-related pairings as Mike Kelley with Raymond Pettibon, Roy Dowell with Eamon Ore Giron and Patrick Hill, Andrea Bowers with Alexandra Grant and Brian Kennon and SASSAS placed these sound-loving artists in totally WOW architectures: Jorge Pardo’s Veronica Gonzalez home, Cecilia Dan’s Frank Israel place in Malibu, and the home of Pae White and Tom Marble.

You get the idea – each Listening Party is like a three-way of stimulation. Aah yes, the mathematics of architecture meets the arithmetic of sound and each of these logics of beauty ennoble the lumpy yet beautiful organisms that we are. Well, some of us anyway, are lumpy. Perhaps it’s a middle-age thing…
The kind and good people at SASSAS have photographically documented each of these stellar events here.)

While the pictures after the jump are wonderful – and free – THEY ARE SILENT AND ARE POOR REPLACEMENTS FOR THE EXPERIENCE!!

Especially since for a mere $125 (plus any additional donation you may wish to add) YOU CAN COME AND LOOK AND LISTEN. YAY!

Sunday, October 21 at the Pasadena home of Steve and Sari Roden, and more specifically in the studio of the aforementioned Steve Roden, Meg Cranston and Geoff Tuck will each play selections of sound and music that spring from deep in the lumbar regions of their (our) individual musical ids.

The music will be a surprise to all – I have no idea what Meg might play. I do know that my own set will be titled “Aberrant Love Songs, or A counter tenor and a crooked stock broker walk into a bar…



The music played (or some of it, anyway)

What will you pay for advice
on how to use your money wisely?

If you’ve got money, don’t leave it in your pocket.
Go to the people and sow it.
They are a field, fertilised with blood,
something grows there, something’s coming up.
That produces the cream of your prolific
and compound interest.

That’s the most important thing, nothing follows that,
close your picture book on life.
Just open your diary punctually,
read your appointments and you will have read enough.
That’s how you calculate the cream of your profit:
and compound interest.

If you’ve got a human heart, harden it into stone
and don’t be surprised if it’s not successfulstraight off.
Just once be firm when faced with great need,
soon you’ll be able to watch them jump into the river.
That guarantees the cream of our profit:
and compound interest.

Build a towering block around you,
you won’t hear the4 accusing screams outside.
Be blind, be deaf, forego no debt,
or you’ll forfeit money and money’s benefit.
Never disown the cream of your profit:
and compound interest.

Learn by this how it happens
that compound interest and the joy of interest smile on someone.

Now you are a  rich man.
You have an account full of money.
You are a millionaire.
Now you can do what you want.

(as sung by Ute Lemper, which is available on iTunes)


  1. i read: “lumpy yet beautiful orgasms, perhaps it’s a middle-age thing…”

  2. You freaking rock Evelena. I am guffawing on Washington Blvd. Yay.

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