Animalic, fougere, sincere: The civet on your tongue



On Kouros from Fragantica forum:

Do you want your perfume to stays long and can be smelled by anyone that you met that day? a perfume that would make you feel invincible? this is what you want. if you’re strong enough to hold its persona

Yes, Kouros have its own lively persona. animalic, strong and full of character. You don’t wear Kouros, since Kouros will wear you. It will drive your emotion, giving certain sense of masculinity into the limit previously unknown. not a scent that you would love, nothing sweet or spicy here. pure animalic civet and slight leathery honey to make you feel like Tarzan in the modern world

there’s a sense of animalic masculinity in every men. we need certain things to trigger its up. some men goes to the gym to build up their muscles, some work in military and some wear Kouros. the scent is too masculine, its so strong that drive yourself wild. you can feel the heat that caused by this beast, a heat that almost as strong as instinct of animal. a sense of power and confidence together with courage to show yours into other men

this fragrance isnt build for those who want to impress girls or other people (the drydown smelt like armpit, really) this magnificent perfume drives your instinct and emotion wild to break the limits

(btw: 30 years ago, when Kouros debuted, I applied it liberally along with my grandmother’s vintage Guerlain L’Heure Bleue. Imagine – lurking in dark parking lots wearing paint-splashed brown leather pants with not much else save rubber hoses as cover. It was hot in my town.)


Link for above images of young Yves St. Laurent: here

“The blog, was created as an inspirational source, for the people of creative community , and by having in mind that ideas are open knowledge, and nobody can claim ownership. All the texts that has been used for the history of fashion and art and history in general for the blog, are selected parts from the books indicated below and the various sources of the internet.These are NOT personal beliefs, but pure knowledge for the knowledge lovers. Welcome to the Stylist blogworld.”

Yorgos Pantazonas

Hear, hear.

Fra Angelica, from Stylist Blogspot

1:11 : I never would have thought that one day I’d have an orgasm while watching a bald man playing the trombone.”

KarmaProstitute from Comments.

Mantua. Duomo.
Source linked.

Drink drunk while reading
the Cow
on Southwest to Seattle
free coupon
Ariana Reines

a handrail outside Steven Holl’s Chapel of St. Ignatius

a handrail at Steven Holl’s St. Ignatius Chapel

source linked

Andrea Mantegna
Scene waiting servant with dogs(fragment)
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Quixote. Because.
Gustave Doré

Doré, Visions of the Empyrean
from Love, Sex and Thermonuclear War
which is linked

Column detail showing dispersed capital
Rem Koolhaas’ Seattle Library

the Angel in Koolhaas’ library

a music-talking stranger, James Kuhn, David Richards
in the heart of Seattle Library

Seattle, September 30, 2012 1:00 PM(ish)

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