The 2012 New Wight Biennial, Superpositions is opening tofreakingmorrow Thursday

From the curators, Lucas Blalock, Jon Apgar, Devin Kenny and Sean Raspet:

superpositions is an international biennial of graduate art students and emerging artists in equivalent, non-degree-granting programs like Stadelschule, Rijksakademie, et cetera.”


“The show is concerned with the interference pattern as a model for artistic reception and production, so we chose artists that we think address the psychic, social, and communicative manifestations of that idea, in addition to the labor of art in a time when the tools to create and distribute content are more widely-accessible than ever, in our hemisphere at least. We’re working with the glitch, the stutter, the moire, the thwarted expectation, and the like, spaces where two systems, sometimes incongruous ones overlap to create a new system.”

I know nothing more. Well, I know some. The Wight Biennial, and now the New Wight Biennial, is historically one of the most honored exhibitions in Los Angeles. It is entirely possible that Frederick S. Wight inaugurated these exhibitions back in the 1980s. (Hero worship warning: Frederick S. Wight is a god in the firmament of Los Angeles art. Take a rest with your cool Ferus PST heroes, Wight is where you should be.) It is also possible that I am speaking out of my hat on this subject. I know the shows have been around as long as I’ve been looking. (It is a fact that my version of art history is more full of should haves than with dids. I want for this biennial to be an old tradition, and since myth is the larger portion of esteem, well, let there be light – fiat luna, fiat Wight.)

I know the curators to be estimable, I have run across each of them, or their work, in my wanderings through the city. I have seen the work of artist Lia Lowenthall several years ago at Workspace, and more recently I experienced, to my delight, work by Jibade-Khalil Huffman at Public Fiction. Life is grand that I can’t place any other names, there is so much to be found out. Yay.

This superpositions Tumblr site promises to be updated with installation shots as they occur: and since TOMORROW IS THE THURSDAY OPENING I WOULD FAIN SUGGEST THAT YOU… down your Schlitz Malt Liquor, crawl your ass off your bar stool and head to UCLA for the opening.

Apropos nothing but my two perfect martini dinner, I offer the following YouTube of a Millie Jackson record that in 1984 I bought at Canterbury Records, thinking Jackson was Kate Bush. Aah ADD. (I am so grateful that I missed out on Bush. She def did not pan out for me, while Millie remains a sage of soul.)

There’s a free shot of Old Crow for anyone who can prove attendance to Superpositions. (Right. Sure, Geoff, get yourself in that kind of trouble with a town that is trying to close down free spirits. Go green all the time, LA.)

I extend my apologies to any among those concerned, I don’t know why I have to drape perfectly possible exhibition announcements with my own subjective palaver, except that I have fun doing it. I’m out of town this weekend, so somebody please take notes for me ( :

Cheers Devin and Jonathan, Lucas and and Sean.

Nobutaka Aozaki
Julia Benjamin
Céline Berger
Jenn Berger
Ben Bigelow
Lea Cetera
Anne de Vries
Carey Denniston
Rubén Grilo
Nils Guadagnin
Lauren Hall
Jesse Harding
Anna Hawkins
Jibade-Khalil Huffman
Martin Kohout
Anouk Kruithof
Lia Lowenthal
Rachel Malin
Frankie Martin
Evan Nesbit
Magali Reus
Rachelle Sawatsky
Ben Schumacher
Rimas Simaitis
Thomas Simon
Brad Troemel

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