The Poor Farm Experience

I travel blindly without hesitation, trusting that chance and coincidence will construct a blinding fog thick enough to distract me from the reasons I left in the first place, not knowing where or why I ended up there or here, or why I ever left.

For me artworks have become a catalyst to engaging the atmospheres they occupy and often take advantage of, asking whoever is confronting them to turn and walk away.

To the pig sweating on a skewer while it storms from the sky.

To swimming in the flowing river, where strangers and friends become one in the same.

To watching the sun set behind an old barn while feeding the horses cubes of sugar and knowing to keep your hand flat so they have nothing to bite into.

To thinking about what it is that brought all these people out to the poor farm in the first place.

To thinking.

To imagining this as a place where at second glance installations and videos, sculpture parks and paintings, sound pieces and performances, language and arts history become an afterthought, one that is rich and necessary, and a requirement for the time and place we live in.

To the end.

-Justin Thomas Schaefer

Gravestone images: Jonathan Thomas

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