Images from the Lighthouse, and good night. (Marcus Herse, photographer)

Dear friends,

Tuesday, June 19 closed To the Lighthouse. JB Jurve moves into another phase, as do its creators.

We presented the work of eleven artists (plus a few more), each of whom as individuals support and investigate the work of other artists. In addition to this exhibition, we have had nine thought-provoking events: parties and conversations that will live in legend and that have served to join together several of our city’s art worlds.

It was my hope to discover whether artworks and events produced by such artists would indicate their social engagement, and if in relation to each other they might serve as a group critique of the top down, heirarchical, single source art culture that currently prevails. Quoting a friend on a recent Parkfield retreat, “What if art objects exist as evidence of other experiences and as conduits to conversation?” Such a condition wouldn’t obviate the art object, but it might lead outward, toward questions raised in conversaton by others, away from answers.

And as we move away from answers, the world gets more interesting.

David Bell

John Burtle

Young Chung

Adam Feldmeth

Daniel Lara

Carrie McIlwain

Davida Nemeroff

Ivette Soler

Geoff Tuck

Alexander Wolff

Aaron Wrinkle

with an in-play addition from

Andy Robert

Our hosts were

Marcus Herse and Michael Rey

Thanks to all the above,

and thank you.

Geoff Tuck

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