Monster Drawing Rally 2012

Outpost for Contemporary Art Monster Drawing Rally 2012 at Armory Center for the Arts

LA’s fifth annual Monster Drawing Rally, which inaugurated the relationship between Outpost for Contemporary Art and Armory Center for the Arts took place last Sunday, June 17th at Armory Center for the Arts.  100 amazing artists participated.

Artists included: Danielle Adair, Steven Bankhead, Joe Biel, Elonda Billera, Holly Boruck, Richard Bott, Brian Bress, Heather Brown, David Burns, Andrew Cameron, Juan Carlos Muñoz-Hernandez, Matthew Carter, Xavier Cázares Cortez, Lorraine Cleary Dale, Luke Davis, Jeseca Dawson, Michael Dopp, Veronica Duarte, David P. Earle, Ariel Erestingcol, Allison Fisher, Diego J. Garza, Paul Gillis, Aimee Goguen, Justin Greene, Margarete Hahner, Lia Halloran, Robert Herbst, Gregory Michael Hernandez, Sergio Hernandez, Onya Hogan-Finlay, David Hughes, Kim Kelly, Olga Koumoundouros, Aitor Lajarin, Daniel Lara, Nery Gabriel Lemus, Jeff Levitz, Kristi Lippire, Patricia Liverman, Karen Lofgren, Nick Lowe, Justin Lowman, Lisa Madonna, Oscar Magallanes, Dana Maiden, Melissa Manfull, Melise Mestayer, Rebekah Miles, Dylan Mira, Melanie Moore, Nikko Mueller, Tracy Nakayama, Hazel Mandujano & Nancy Cahill, with Tucker Neel, Christine Nguyen, Chris Oatey, Gina Osterloh, Michael Parker, Zack Paul, Julia Paull, Alia Penner, Jennifer Phelps, Nancy Popp, Gala Porras-Kim, Max Presneill, Vincent Ramos, Christy Roberts, Jean Robison, Steve Roden, Brett Cody Rogers, Kimberly Rowe, Simone Rubi, Yoshie Sakai, Kristofferson San Pablo, Shalini Sanjay Patel, Finishing School, Jeannie Simms, Jennifer Smith, Niko Solorio, Meriel Stern, Amelia Symes, Brendan Threadgill, Elizabeth Tremante, Chris Trueman, Hataya Tubtim, Carrie Ungerman, Mark Verabioff, Keith Walsh, Matt Wardell, Carrie Whitney, Rosten Woo, Jacob Yanes, Amanda Yates, Carrie Yury, Bari Ziperstein, Weronika Zaluska & Jeff Levitz

Rebekah Miles and Zack Paul

Daniel Lara

Veronica Duarte

Nery Gabriel Lemus and Gala Porras-Kim

Oscar Magallanes drawing his daughter

Xavier Cázares Cortéz with his son

Simone Rubi

Bari Zipperstein and Brett Cody Rogers

Juan Carlos Muñoz Hernandez

Steve Roden

Kristi Lippire and Matt Wardell

Justin John Greene

Olga Koumoundouros

Vincent Ramos and Brian Bress

Gina Osterloh and Christine Nguyen


  1. Thank you, Carlyn!!! I had so much fun both drawing and watching everyone else draw:)

  2. Looks really cool!!! Hope they continue next year! Thank you Carlyn for sharing this with people (like myself) that was not able to go.

  3. I had a superfantastic time! It was a fun, creative time, without any pretension. Thank you for inviting me to be part of it.

  4. I had a great time! Such great space, vibes and company! Thanks once more Carlyn!

  5. Nelson, and all, the Armory does plan to continue the Monster Drawing Rally. Also, we will have the Outpost Archives on view this Fall at the Armory. We’ll keep you posted.


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