Hammer Biennial at Barnsdall: real time w/ Cayetano Ferrer

Cayetano Ferrer. Remnants, 2012 (detail). Casino carpet scraps. Dimensions variable (wall to wall). Courtesy the artist.

Cayetano’s carpet does strange things to my perception of size: as visiting Getty interns enter through the angled door from the dark bowels of his installation into the Vegas-style “lobby” they appear tiny. The carpet is a wonderful mess of patterns. I want it at home.

Inside, lights are projected on the demising wall in a similar mess of color, now with action. They flash. A woman in the room decides it looks like “a strip of movie film – see the sprocket holes?” This nice person also picks out among Ferrer’s references the Rialto Theatre on Sunset, Mayan patterning and the facades of Hollyhock House and other Los Angeles landmarks.

I believe that the wall is patterned, too. And so it is, in relief, matching and countering the lights.


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