from here the weekend looks great – the last days of June and the first of July A FEW THINGS FOR THURSDAY AND FRIDAY

I expect that this weekend we will all be talking about the News Gods generosity this week: with Health Care, a split decision on the Arizona anti-Immigration law, and closer to home the LACMA layoffs and the MOCA meltdown. There’s probably more and certainly there will be by tonight, so let’s plan where to party and look. By the way, if anybody makes it to all of these events – come over and I’ll pour you a martini. If you have gossip, too, I’ll pour it with Lillet!

TONIGHT, THURSDAY, JUNE 28 (from east to west, give or take)

Paul Waddell Ponding Purple Grass at Night Gallery, closing night.

Night Gallery site:

Quoting from a studio visit with Waddell:

“The bodies of a woman and a man are leaning, knees slightly bent, with their upper torsos disappearing into… a colorful maelstrom of psychedelic abstraction. Charles Garabedian came to mind, as did the little I know about ancient Greek figure statues. (Did this guy train with Phidias?) In each of the slightly represented and almost cartoon like figures I was able to discern thigh muscles pushing, and the man’s legs were parted a bit and his glutes were active rather than simply existing as dabs of paint. I sensed that his arms, and the woman’s arms, although not available for my view, were reaching or lifting or doing something… up there. Seeing all this was both hot and profound. As I appreciated the depth of engagement in these bodies before me, my own body became engaged and even engorged – sex hung in the air like a promise with these paintings.” (more)

Paul Waddell installation after midnight, photograph by Davida Nemeroff, from Night Gallery

Gina Osterloh and Steve Roden (separately) at LACE:

As part of her summer-long residency at LACE, Gina Osterloh will move her studio into the gallery and construct her painstaking, room-size paper constructions. The fun starts tonight at 8.

LACE web page for Osterloh:

Gina Osterloh, Wide Group Dynamic installation for Group Dynamics and Improper Light, image from LACE

Steve Roden will be showing video work that has been developed over a year of disparate activities: a residency studying (incredibly personal and un-translatable) notations that Walter Benjamin made in his journals and other writings, a year of performing John Cage’s 4:33 daily and a collection of shells and tiny things that he bought from the Martha Graham estate. 

Steve Roden, video still from “everything she left behind that fits in my hand” at LACE

Bernard Chadwick has an exhibition, titled Synesthesia, at Gallery KM for which he is doing a sound performance tonight.

Ber nard Chadwick, Synesthesia, installation view at Gallery KM

At the MAK Garage Top (1137 South Cochran Ave) Barbara Hammer, Sonia Leimer and Stephanie Taylor have an exhibition that inaugurates – or reinaugurates – this new space. Open Fridays and Saturdays from 11 am to 6 pm.

No image, but link here: (and possible pdf link) 


Max Presneill, Statue, oil on canvas, 2012. 36 x 30 inches, image from Garboushian Gallery

Max Presneill has been making things happen around Los Angeles since 1999, first in Santa Ana, then at Raid Projects and more recently all over: at the Torrance Art Museum, with Durden and Ray and also with the wonderful and successful gathering of artist spaces at CoLab last year. CoLab will happen again this year at Barker Hanger. But before anything else, Max is a painter. Come see what he’s been making with paint on Friday  at Garboushian Gallery. 

Okey dokey, I need to run out to a couple of shows now. It’s late on Thursday afternoon. if you lniw things you want it blasted, send me an email. I’ll be back this evening and try to get more out about Fri, Sat and Sun before David and I drive up Wilcox to LACE. (YAY!!!) [email protected]

Already it strikes me that I am forgetting Paul Outlaw’s COLA presentation at California Plaza on Friday. Porphyria’s Descent (directed by Asher Hartman). A little bit, then more later.
Cultural Affairs site:



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