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Dear Bettina,

David and I received the package you sent. The catalogue for your new project is quite lovely! Thanks. It is also truly weird… Did you or an agent on your behalf spend the past two years buying from Etsy every eagle and rock related item? “Gem Soap in Blues a Unique Handcrafted Glycerin Soap Rock” “NEW Rock Paper Scissors Lavender Sachets for Dryer Clothes Drawers Closets Camping Pillow Sheets Upcycled from tShirt Material SET of THREE” (You bought this item on December 23, 2011) “Recycled Toy Taxidermy Eagle Butt Refrigerator Magnet” (Size: 3 inches wide, 6 inches high, 2 inches deep) “This eagle’s butt is mounted on a painted plastic cap with a rare earth magnet on back.”

What are you thinking, Bettina? How long has your mind been wandering? You hit up EBAY, too, on January 11. (And I mean, who wouldn’t… “Because EVERYONE NEEDS ONE OF THESE SLINGSHOTS!!!” hahaha)

PLEASE LET US KNOW IF YOU WOULD LIKE MULTIPLE BEAKS. Just as a sentence this is amazing. As an offer it is scary bizarre. “Yes ma’am, I would like multiple beaks. I want hundreds of them all over my body. I want to outdo Orlan in crazy. Take me to Hubbyco and to The Rock and Eagle Shop! (Hurry Heintz. Emergency, emergency.)”

I see that The Shop also does artist projects, or perhaps I should say, “The space of Bettina Hubby’s temporally, geographically and virtually based artwork The Rock and Eagle Shop invites other artists to present items, to… populate our dreams with manifestations of their labor, in the welcoming arms of Hubby’s own practice of generosity.”

Nick Herman, "MODEL F0R A WINTER PALACE" 2012 pIexi, pump, ceramics, siIver Ieaf, aluminum, Ieaf, Iights at The Rock and Eagle Shop

Nick Herman, "MODEL F0R A WINTER PALACE" 2012 pIexi, pump, ceramics, siIver Ieaf, aluminum, Ieaf, Iights - detail

Your current installation by Nick Herman looks charming – don’t we all love a rock fountain, and especially one for the living room? Gurgle and glow, indeed. I share your admiration for Herman’s writing and I love your description of his recent publication Fatland, “It’s the kind of book that I feel a dark shade of greedy about, wanting to hoard all the words.”

No, hers was not a pragmatic view of partnership but a romantic implosion, the vacuum of a collapsing star. She knew that it was in the chaos that followed that she could be free. She believed that. She was committed to this kind of radical practice. Although, admittedly, this was a gross cliché and her whole life at risk of being a stupid projection endlessly repeating. Like that song… the hippy dippy burn out. Nick Herman, Fatland

In fact, you have, or The Shop has, inspired objects of rock and eagle delight by a whole chunk of the LA art community. Participating artists include:

Suzanne Adelman, Chad Attie, Paul Cleaver, Tricia Gabriel, Samara Golden, Bettina Hubby, Bolyn Hubby, Melissa Huddleston, Charles Irvin, Karen Lee, Adam Janes and Ann Lynn, JEFF&GORDON, Jonsey, Karen Lofgren, Shana Lutker, Melodie Mousset, Michele O’Marah, Dennis Hoekstra & Noah Olmsted, Mary Anna Pomonis, Olivia Prime, Melinda Rayman, Karen Rose, Amy Russell, Tif Sigfrids, Jim Skuldt, Mike Slack, SAMO HURT (AKA David G.A. Stephenson), Kirsten Stoltmann, William Stone, Kevin Sudeith, Valentin Toledo, Keith Walsh, Landon Wiggs, Mason Williams , and Jessika Wood

Kudos to you, Bettina, for making these many connections and for often acting as the lemon zest, verily the gremolata, of humor and charm atop the metaphorical osso bucco of Los Angeles’s burgeoning social practice scene. (Wow Geoff. Really? Veal shanks? Crazy.)

You might notice, Bettina, if you visit Notes on Looking, that I’ve discovered a new fluidity in the name of my website. For the moment Notes, in your honor, is titled “Go To Rock And Eagle Shop YAY.” Yesterday Notes was titled “Weddings for everybody!”

I hope Notes on Looking can sometimes disappear into the communities it serves and that it will provide a new and interesting kind of support from this… osmotic position. Eh. I’m not talking full-time name change, I simply want to take advantage of Notes’ virtual recognition to direct attention elsewhere. I am not certain what the implications of this fluidity might be. I’m hopeful that my friend Adam Feldmeth will offer some insights. Adam has an acute mind and can move freely among multiple historical and theoretical positions and relationships to draw out the sense of a matter. (This is both a gift and a skill and is for Adam an art practice. Intellectual content famously has no mass. Ideas are not objects, are they? If you trust me at all then you should be wondering excitedly what Adam Feldmeth will provide as artwork for the upcoming To the Lighthouse exhibition. I’m thrilled and honored that he took my challenge to be in the show. Rocking with the big dogs, I am.)

Practically speaking this occasional shape-shift could mess with my search engine recognition, but I think the presence of this blog can bear the distraction.

Huh. Just occurred to me that Notes on Looking is a bit of the water in which we all swim. What a beautiful thought, and a thing to dream for. Keep swimming friends. And remember that the space of Notes on Looking is yours. Hit me up if you have an idea.

Hey Bettina, back to you: thanks for letting me think through some of my own things in space devoted to your project. One way or another I will be by The Shop before its closing.

Fondly and with utmost respect,


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  1. Such fun recognition of a truly unique project

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