Do the Jurve

Notes on Looking is proud to announce:
JB Jurve is thrilled beyond belief to present:
An electrifying, multi-media, double-fortnight festival of social exchange and exhibition of contemporary art,
To the Lighthouse
An exhibition with:

Please join us for the opening reception on Saturday, May 19th from 7 – 10pm.

Join us also for Artist’s Non Talks and other events to be announced each Thursday and Saturday evening during the run of the exhibition. Note that extended gallery hours will be Thursday through Saturday, noon to 6 pm.
“Dear Geoff, Mike and I (of JB Jurve) would like to do a studio visit with you, we want to turn the tables on you as an observer of the scene who often does studio visits with others.”

“Dear Marcus and Mike, Eek. A visit with me, instead of me with you. You are turning the tables. How fast can I say yes?”

“Great news, Geoff, the point is we’d really like to do a show with you. It can be your photos or videos or we can present Notes on Looking or have a series of interviews. Whatever you think is a Geoff Tuck show.”

“Wow you guys, I’m honored and thrilled. I want to I turn the tables back on you a little bit, and expand outward your invitation… My work, if you will, is about looking to others, asking questions, and offering support. There are many artists in Los Angeles who have similar concerns. I’d like to invite several whom I know to be supportive of others and who also make things – make art. Sometimes these practices of social engagement and making art combine and get really powerful. (I mean how different are they, really?) Let’s bring these artists into the Jurve and see what happens, shall we?”
Geoff Tuck is a Los Angeles based artist, best known as founder of Notes on Looking – Writings on Contemporary Art in Los Angeles. His writing, poetry, photos, videos and drawings, revolve around the act of observing. His work merges strategies of the Situationist’s drifter, witnessing art’s fleeting moments like a flanuer. His encounters with art and artists bring together a disparate community in a city that is as vast as Los Angles. Geoff’s material as an artist is the art world itself and his work presents a peculiar incarnation of the term of the soziale Plastik. As he states: “For the past few years I have gotten to know a lot of people and written about them, now I want to connect them.”


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