Cameron Crone’s “Half Stop” at the LACE Auction

Cameron Crone Half Stop 2012 Inkjet print mounted to wood 12" x 12" x 24"

For Half Stop, as in his earlier Wood Wedge (of which this new piece is a representation, which act adds a second remove and layer of information to the new sculpture), Cameron Crone made high definition photographs of the outsides of a small wood wedge – a door-stay type thing – and then enlarged the resulting images and mounted them on the insides of a plywood wedge-shaped construction. The resulting sculpture has the same proportions as the original door stop but is much larger. This may sound simplistic: outside to inside, solid to void, small to large. Think of it rather as simple. A wedge is one of the elemental shapes/structures that we have used for millions of years as a tool, as a structural member, as a shape to worship at. So in this way the sculpture is already affecting my brain and my soul and drawing on my history. Then the notions of inside/outside, surface/mass, one dimensional/three dimensional all fold in on themselves and torque in my mind.

For me, it is as though this object has “moment” or a tendency to rotate – not around a point, but in time and in several additional dimensions, too. Simple in this case becomes elegant.

LACE Auction:

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