Appropriating from the LACE Auction (If I can’t be Robin Hood can I be Richard Prince? and other questions I ask myself at night)

Herein you will find pictured objects (good lord geoff, say it easy: pictures of objects) up for bidding at the upcoming LACE auction (May 16, info below) as well as some stuff I found online about Richard Prince. And then I just had fun.  You should, too. Go to LACE.

this is some quality shit brah: breathe deep and hold it in

Peter Holzhauer Flower Mart 2011 Color photograph AP 1 of 2 24" x 30" (curated by Chloë Flores and Matt Lipps)

Zoe Crosher A Star Was Born (La Cienega) 2010 Digital C-Print 10 of 20 (+2 AP) 11.5" x 23" (curated by Benjamin Ball)

Eduardo Consuegra Untitled 2011 Framed magazines 24.5" x 24.5" (curated by Karen Lofgren)

Jennifer Boysen Untitled 2011 Pigment print Artist proof 16" x 22" (curated by Emma Gray)

hahaha julia peyton-jones and hanz hans ulrich are fuzzy!

Aaron Wrinkle (G, O, B, B, P, B) A Painting for a Shelf, A Shelf for a Painting, Etc Etc 2012 Latex and tempera on reclaimed chroma key green painted drywall, lattice frame, copper nails, golden screws, and reclaimed Chinatown lumber 17.5" x 17.5" (curated by Geoff Tuck)

Iva Gueorguieva Mast 2011 Ink, collage and gouache on mulberry paper 1 of 12 This piece is one of ten works included in the 2012 Limited Edition Portfolio.

not so great, but it’s difficult to find this song w/out advertisements (pretend that it’s always may day and deny ads their strength)

Ashley Landrum That Night, You Knew 2012 Sculpture 12" x 12" x 12" (curated by Sean Sullivan)

Cody Trepte Eventually Everything 2011 Silkscreen on paper 1 of 12 Courtesy of the artist. This piece is one of ten works included in the 2012 Limited Edition Portfolio.

Amanda Ross-Ho Untitled Still Life (White Lightning) 2012 Sheetrock, latex paint, ball point pen, graphite, found images, white linen tape, red thumbtack, sandpaper, staples, black linen tape, post-it note, envelope from P with sticker, extra button in ziplock bag 24" x 18" (curated by Brian Bress)

(marc jacobs on richard prince. aren’t you happier when rich people are beautiful? I am. think about it, aren’t we all better off?)

Albert Contreras Untitled 2012 Acrylic 12" x 12" (curated by David Pagel)

Danielle Adair 101229 (The Shankill) --- from the series "On the Rocks, In the Land" 2012 Digital Type-C 1 of 3 24" x 18" (curated by Ciara Ennis)

Alexander Wolff double frame 2010 Acrylic on canvas, plastic & wood frame 40cm x 33.5cm x 4cm (curated by Geoff Tuck)

(she’s not linda, he’s not richard, no one gets a date. it’s an old joke but one that sold in 2008 at christie’s for $208,000. it makes a cute video too)

Juan Capistran We Jam Econo 2008 Acrylic on cardboard 11.5" x 13.25" x 9.75" (curated by Renee Petropoulos)

Allen Tombello Emergency Transcendence Services 7 2011 Photograph 1 of 5 32.5" x 44" (curated by George Stoll)

Katherine Gray Ellipse 2011 Glass Sculpture 5.5" x 24.5" x 5.5" (curated by Janet Levy)

Sterling Ruby Ashtray 194 2011 Ceramic 2" x 19" x 14.25" (curated by LACE)

i have no explanation for this, have you? what could i have been thinking? but they’re wearing dress clothes. get that.

Bari Ziperstein Ceramic Bust 2012 Altered slip cast earthenware, finished with low fine glazes and luster Edition of 30, all unique 18.5" x 13" x 11" (curated by Tucker Neel)

Kristi Lippire Drawing Study for 5 Cat Weather Vane With Broken Leg 2011 Graphite and air dry clay on paper with pipe 24" x 18" (curated by Liz Young)

Michael Decker Beginning, Middle, End with Encroaching Forces 2008 Ink and watercolor pen 11" x 14" (curated by Sam Durant)

Tobin Yelland Girl in Green Car 1994 C-Print 2 of 10 10 5/8" x 15 5/8" (curated by Wendy Dembo)

Richard Prince, “I’m not a politician… there’s art – what else is there? there’s fishing…”

Olga Koumoundouros Overland Route 2008 + 2012 Acrylic, watercolor, graphite color pencil 22" x 30" (curated by Ciara Ennis)

Cameron Crone Half Stop 2012 Inkjet print mounted to wood 12" x 12" x 24" (curated by Geoff Tuck)

quoting my new friend sean55719, “This guy clearly hates rubber products and wants to kill all of them” yay mopar

Steve Roden Superbe (Shipbuilding) 2009 Watercolor and sumi ink on found paper 19" x 19" x 1.5" (curated by LACE)


Kelly Kleinschrodt suggestion (for Paul) 2012 Inkjet print, acrylic 1 of 3 16" x 20" (curated by Geoff Tuck)

Fair Warning:

Richard Prince has no knowledge of this post, nor has he any involvement in the auction.(Unless he phones in a bid, in which case bully on him!)


Come to LACE on May 16. Buy your tickets here. Visit the site and preview the work here. Hit “buy now” and be a friend for life. Now dance.

(i give up, even a freakin lyrics upload had ads. so do it on the album cover then, i say)

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