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Ex Libris

May 19- June 9, 2012
Opening reception Saturday, May 19, 6-8pm


Sabina Lee Gallery is pleased to present the exhibition Ex Libris

Ex Libris inverts the standard practice of exhibition lending, where rare or inaccessible objects are borrowed from the vaults of various institutions for an occasional public viewing. Ex Libris is, by contrast, comprised of materials (books, images, recordings) that are publicly accessible and in ordinary circulation – as they are borrowed from the stacks of the Los Angeles Public Library.  Participants took this premise as a starting point in selecting materials and devising the method and form of their presentation. Ex Libris is an experiment – an exhibition offering manifold iterations of subjectivity affecting a larger archive.

Projects by:

Travis Diehlhttp://diehltravis.com/

Becca Mannhttp://www.beccaevamann.com/

Summer Mann – Summer Mann responding to a 2010 observation of her work from Beatrice Chassepot (taken from be.Art.com) “I have had my time, now viewers have stories and impressions to tell me. It is compelling to hear what they find on their own. This is what has brought the poetry to me. This was a surprise.”

Sharon Mizotahttp://sharonmizota.com/

Simone Montemurno featuring The Chapin Sisters – Montemurno’s own site http://simonemontemurno.com/ wh/was last updated in 2010, so http://oklapress.com/oklapress.com/Okla_Press_-_Simone_Montemurno_Page_1.html Montemurno at Okla Press, and at UNIT http://unit.bigcartel.com/product/simone-montemurno-for-a-life-of-independence (Montemurno contacted my by email, for which act I thank her.)

Susan Morgan – Susan Morgan at East of Borneo http://www.eastofborneo.org/search?q=susan+morgan which institution recently published her book Piecing Together Los Angeles: An Esther McCoy Reader

Claire Nereimhttp://www.clairenereim.com/

Andy Roberthttp://www.andyrobert.com/www.andyrobert.com/Andy_Robert.html and at Concord http://concordspace.com/

Millie Wilson – Millie Wilson Wikipedia entry http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Millie_Wilson and CalArts Faculty Directory http://directory.calarts.edu/directory/millie-wilson

And last but not least, in fact source of the air which this project breathes (think of libraries as mouth to mouth resuscitation between two intellects) the…

Los Angeles Public Libraryhttp://www.lapl.org/ (tah dum)

Ex Libris will be on view for three weeks — the duration of a standard library loan.  An event – a recital by Travis Diehl – will take place at Sabina Lee Gallery on May 26th, 2012.   Ex Libris is is organized by Simone Montemurno.

Sabina Lee Gallery is located at 971 Chung King Road, Los Angeles CA, 90012.

For further inquiries please contact the gallery at (213) 620-9404
Or [email protected].

Sabina Lee Gallery is open Wednesday through Saturday 11-6 PM.

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