Daido Moriyama-True Grit


Daido Moriyama, Yokosuka, from "Another Country 18", 1971, image (of a work included in LACMA's "Fracture" exhibition) is from Charles A. Hartman Fine Art

Born in Japan, he is a world citizen, through his peregrinations in urban surroundings, observing with his camera the meaner streets and the social changes in the second half of the 20th century.

Two coinciding shows , one called “Fracture” at LACMA in the Japanese Pavillion and the other at the Stephen Cohen Gallery are showing the black and white photographs starting in the Sixties, up through  the present with new color work.  And Art Catalogues at LACMA has his new book.

Photograph of Daido Moriyama taken in Century City by Sheridan Brown

His immersion in the grittier aspects of  ”fractured” surroundings , absent any sentimentality, puts him in the company of contemporaries like Shore and Frank and Friedlander.

There is a telling moment in  each of  his photographs that captures both the vulnerability and toughness required to survive city life.

Daido Moriyama, (Self-portrait), Paris, 1989. This image of a work included in the LACMA show is a silver gelatin print, 2007 and is from Charles A. Hartman Fine Art


Daido Moriyama, Shibuya, 1981

Daido Moriyama, Tokyo (Pink Silhouettes) (photographed by Sheridan Brown at Stephen Cohen Gallery)