We saw bees and blossoms

Adding oil to the car makes a good trip great. Cahuenga Blvd north of Franklin, mercifully close to home, the sensor beeped at us.

The 5 Fwy. My ghost will haunt this stretch of road long after my body turns to dust.


Our first view of heaven we captured by looking down at the ground. Almond blossom petals, scattered...

Behold David, my petal-scattering god of adventure and the road. (Yay.)

Two videos by David:

and a driving tour:

It’s an easy trip my friends, simply head north on the 5 and exit anywhere before Coalinga. Do this during the last two weeks of February and the first week in March. Anywhere between Bakersfield and Blackwell’s Corner, along the 43, the 46, the 33, 99 and/or 184. You can’t miss 800,000 acres of almond trees, nor 48,000,000,000 bees.

(If the LA Times were easier to search online, I would offer you a link to an “almond blossom and bees” article they published over the weekend. But, I won’t.

On another subject entirely.

The LA Times chooses to spell gauntlet without the “u” – thereby by ruining any visual effect this powerful word has. (What I write here has nothing to do with bees or almonds or driving trips, but the practice of casting off letters drives me crazy sometimes.)

Gantlet – can you imagine “walking” one and caring? F that. How would you even say it? Is gantlet pronounced like Elmer Gantry? Damn you LA Times.

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  1. Enjoyed your videos, especially the blossoms, and am much more well-informed about almonds now!

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