Stories my grand dad told me still matter

Friends, a long way back, in another county, in another time, my grandfather took me on his knee and he said, “Boy, I love you. Don’t you ever let me hear you done gone and took up blogging. No body ever made money at crap like that. Be like me and get your hands sticky with black huntin’ fer oil.” You see, grand dad was an oil man, a wildcatter. Variously successful, hr lost everything in subsequent dry wells and he died in 1968.

Perhaps strangely, the thing I took away from this life lesson wasn’t a lust to suckle at Mammon’s golden teat, rather I chose to follow my love and do right by my skills. Do write, that is, as well as do right, at Notes on Looking. Which is… a blog.

Yeah, yeah, grand dad made shit up. (Me too.) There was no accounting for stories he might tell. Who ever heard of blogging in 1965? So we called him Coo-coo, or Cooc, “Tell me the one about the froggies again Cooc! Hahahahaha I like that one! Here I go – try an’ catch me!”

Now here I sit, at my computer, typing and clicking away and thinking about that funny old man. I am blogging. (If you must. I prefer the title “writer” to the more newfangled and disreputable blogger. I aim for literature, not blogerature, but there that is.)

I am a powerful voice in my community, an advocate for just about anyone who wants advocating, a cheerful and thoughtful critic and supporter – of all these things Cooc would approve. On the other hand, consider the fact of my making no money at this project. Grand dad would grunt in disgust, swear, and say, “I told you so, you little bugger. Darn you for a fool anyway.”

Look up, my friends and to the left on your monitor. Near the top. See that “Donate” button up there? Punch it like it’s grand dad’s ghost and say, “Old man – I’m going to throw your grandson a bone because I believe in what he’s doing. You keep your “rue the day” stuff to yourself and go back to heaven where you belong.”

Give us a bump my friends, all the elves at Notes on Looking will thank you for it.

Post Script

I thank Amy Sarkisian, Tyler Vlahovich and the lovely Z for being the first family to honor Notes on Looking with a donation. I am lucky to have such friends. XO

Mike Calway-Fagen of Athens, Georgia (and UCSD) is donor number two. Thank you Mike!

Jill Newman is donor number three. Yay Jill, you rock!

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