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1982 Mitsibushi Lancer with cultural institution

Fairgoers gather along the lakeshore to welcome replicas of the Niña, Pinta, and Santa Maria, which arrived at the exposition on July 12, 1893.

Harris Residence, 1942 Willow Glen, Los Angeles Architect: Rudolf Schindler

Max Ernst painting, source linked (L’aquoiboniste)

again, Max Ernst, “create build destroy” linked with more Ernst images


Aah, ooh. But a few of the many images by Alis Pelleschi. Found at “(B) for Blog – Create Build Destroy,” link to Pelleschi’s website:

A simple and reliable release mechanism for water rockets can be built from PVC plumbing supplies and cable ties, as in the diagram. This will cope with pressures in excess of 100 p.s.i with safety. Link to Instructables on making bottle rockets.

I’m doing a back stroke through the weekend, and I’ll see you after the flip turn. Cheers

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