Cirrus Gallery, Jean Milant, Aaron Wrinkle: The past, the future and Los Angeles. Saturday, March 10. Go.

Before I begin clipping and pasting, I want to share a few thoughts with you. Since 1971 or so Jean Milant has been operating Cirrus as an adventurous gallery as well as Los Angeles’ premier print shop for emerging artists. Sure, there are other outfits in town who publish prints by acknowledged masters, but Milant and Cirrus always get there first. Rock out on their Artists List:

In addition to working with stellar emerging artists in his print shop, Milant also is the most prescient curator in Los Angeles, and I count in this arena institutional and non-profit as well as commercial gallery curators. Virtually every Los Angeles artist currently and recently in the news has been in a group show at Cirrus. Check this out and simply keep scrolling (and drooling): Cirrus Exhibition List

Fourteen years ago Jean Milant showed to David and me curious and confounding prints by someone called Guy de Cointet, along with works by John Baldessari, Allen Ruppersberg and Vija Celmins. Granted, none of these artists were exactly unknown fifteen years ago, but they were not the household names that they currently are in the art world. Milant worked with them all beginning in 1971. Take that story to the bank – or you could have had you bought fifteen years ago!

There are three or four dealers in town from whom I have received what amounts to a graduate degree in LA art history. I am lucky to know Jean and I count him among these few. At every show that I have seen at Cirrus, whether he is reviving historical work or presenting new, I find something surprising and I learn something from Jean Milant.

I give you fair warning that this weekend will blow your socks off.

Before you light a cigarette and wander off to the studio or to a late lunch, let me also sing the praises of Aaron Wrinkle, who with Milant has been delving deeply into the history of Los Angeles and of Cirrus to present a series of exhibitions that illuminate the history of our city and point to several possible futures. Work from the 1970s and 1980s has been paired with work by artists who are beginning to create new conversations that we will follow in the future. In addition they have launched a website that truly is interactive, for instance currently there is an open call for artists and writers to add content to the archive of art projects and art historical texts. OPEN CALL – LIKE AT A BAR, BUT YOU GET PUBLISHED INSTEAD OF HUNGOVER. (You can drink later at the opening.)

For this final exhibition in the series Milant and Wrinkle are presenting… a nine panel piece that I have seen by Jack Goldstein that will make your drive to Alameda worthwhile and will next be shown in the retrospective at OCMA. Yay! Along with the Goldstein’s there will be work by a new generation of artists and others whom Wrinkle counts as the connective tissue for our Los Angeles community. Writers, artists, activists, collectives: these are do-ers and makers us who defy definition but through whose attentions we are all drawn together. This spirit of friendly activism combined with intellectual rigor is what makes our city unique, and Saturday Aaron and Jean invite us to celebrate our spirit together at Cirrus. I am honored and thrilled to be included. Come see what happens.

Oh – wait!!! Thursday afternoon I was lucky to help Calvin Marcus unpack TWENTY BOOKS BY LAURA OWENS. MY FRIENDS, I HAVE TOUCHED HEAVEN AND I KNOW THAT IT IS BEAUTIFUL. Good Lord, if you want for nothing else in life, you should desire to flip through the pages of these hand painted and sometimes embroidered books of Laura’s. I cannot imagine a more generous gesture by an artist than to offer such an intimate moment, nay, a series of moments to individuals. Short of being present when the work is made, holding, breathing in, and viewing books such as these is the closest one can come to art. Get lucky Saturday night at Cirrus.



Alan Dunn, Boredom, 2012 



March 10- May 3, 2012

Opening Reception

Sat. March 10th  7-10pm

Cirrus is very pleased to announce Open Network, the final installment of its Once Emerging, Now Emerging series. Hinged to the website, the exhibition presents itself with gestures on technology, community, innovation and performance. A comment on networking, the exhibition and website highlight important examples of artists bringing ideas of collaboration and presentation to the forefront of contemporary art. A great example is found in UK artist Alan Dunn’s The sounds of ideas forming, CD editions, 2008-date; a listening station compiled from over 200 tracks put together by the artist retrieved through artists varying from Lydia Lunch to a German audio transcribed from a letter by Gerhard Richter. Envisioned by the Cirrus founder Jean Milant, Open Network and propose a context built on a history that expands upon the future of where and how art is exhibited. Cirrus has also invited the gallery Actual Size to mount an exhibition that presents several artists in the gallery’s lead up to a book exhibition at their Chinatown location later this year.

Artists and Groups Include: (Lucy Chinen and Emilie Gervais), Chris Burden, Andrew Cox, Allen Dunn, Michael Decker, Eternal Telethon, Corey Fogel, Jack Goldstein, Peregrine Honig (Bravo’s Work of Art), Human Resources and Geoff Tuck (Notes On Looking) * PLUS artist submissions from 


Katie Herzog and Brian Boyer Feng Shuied Panopticon (2008)


 Actual Size



Exhibition at Cirrus Gallery: March 10 – May 5, 2012

Exhibition at Actual Size Los Angeles: April 7 – May 12, 2012  


Take a book, and you will find it offering, opening itself. It is the openness of this book that I find so moving. A book is not shut in by its contours, is not walled up as in a fortress. It asks for nothing better than to exist outside itself, or to let you exist in it.

– Georges Poulet, Interiority and Criticism, 1970  


Print Imprint is a two-part exhibition held in partnership with Open Network, Cirrus Gallery’s final exhibition in conjunction with Pacific Standard Time. Print Imprint seeks to develop an intimate relationship and conversation between artworks from the 1970’s and 80’s and recent works produced by emerging and mid-career Los Angeles based artists. Participating artists include Ali Bailey, Scott Benzel, Guy de Cointet and Larry Bell, Doug Edge, Cayetano Ferrer, Katie Herzog, Laura Owens, Ed Ruscha and Barbara T. Smith. The artists’ responses to the concept and form of the book will take many physical forms, including prints, paintings, slide projections, musical composition and sculpture. Actual Size will produce a limited edition book to document the exhibition.  


Actual Size Los Angeles is collaboratively operated by artists and curators Lee Foley, Justin John Greene, Samia Mirza and Corrie Siegel. The current Actual Size location at 741 New High Street in Chinatown opened in April 2010. Actual Size has hosted over 25 exhibitions and curatorial interventions and worked with over 90 artists. Actual Size collaborates with established and emerging artists to encourage situations that activate the exhibition and engage the public.  


Actual Size Gallery Hours: Sat- Sun 12:00- 5:00pm; Weekdays by appointment.

Follow Actual Size Los Angeles on Twitter and Facebook for event details. 




Actual Size Los Angeles  

741 New High St. 

Los Angeles, CA 90012 

[email protected]

(213) 290-5458 




Cirrus Gallery
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Los Angeles, CA 90013

Tuesday- Saturday 10am- 5pm

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