Maybe I’m crazy…

My words

they cut and lead me nowhere

they mock me in my dreams

Each sentence causes shame

and every phase brings me pain

Queasy – my gut wrenches

Tight – my butt clenches

Why do I show this stuff? Where can I hide?

Ego and desire, they drive me

Neurosis is my master

Attention my fuel


And then I find something crazy, and am saved from my navel-gazing worries

Briefly, perhaps

But for long enough to get the work done.

(This has been a poem I wrote about my horror after hitting “Publish”)

And now, a picture that I found along the way:

This image is from a site called “Question Copyright”

All of which brings me to a charming song:

Signs of [Crazy]: an ASL Interpretation from Nina Paley on Vimeo.

Go to the homepage of for the complete article.


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