The Sheridan Brown Files

Dear Sheridan,

Thanks for these photos! I love them. I mixed them with several of my own.

You may think me crazy, but do you mind if I imagine you dressed like a spy, in a belted overcoat and a low brimmed hat, surreptitiously snagging pictures of your prey and dashing off emailed dispatches to homebase from the trenches? You see, I am stuck inside here behind my computer, and I need some fantasy to liven my days.

This is a great way to start, please send more as you get them. And if you get any naughty ones, we’ll do a special “News of the World” memorial issue of Notes!

We’ll make them gasp, and stretch their eyes. (Laughing)

All my best,


AAAAAAAUGH!!!! I fixed several mistakes. Today is January 26. I dedicate this post to Ken Tam. For his videos at ltd Los Angeles at the fair Tam engineered believably false social situations, and within these awkward structures the artist’s interactions with strangers (and himself, i.e. his own expectations) reveal much about the tensions of human relations. One can view the films with interest toward Tam’s use of Capitalist pay/hire hierarchies among people, his potent use of the latency of sex in male relations, and with curiosity about his ongoing artistic project.

(I guess this counts as my only judgment/review of an artist’s work at the ALAC fair. I made a good choice.)


i AM (still) A DORK. :_( Cristina Lei Rodriguez sculpture was at Snitzer

P.S. do you mind mentally revising everything above to read “Art in the Parking Space” rather than the more lame “Art in a Parking Space” that i used? thanks in advance

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