Richard’s Warthog – Richard Jackson Accidents in Abstract Painting

Photos and commentary via telephone by Mike Tuck, additional blather by me.

“Hey Geoff, there were 700 to 1,000 people at the site, it was quite a crowd. We just walked back up to Jim’s house, probably we’ll have dinner here. Richard’s plane took off for a bit, then landed on its belly and scooted along. They fixed it with tape and styrofoam and took it back and set it up. He got it aloft, the plane made two circuits – it looked pretty big! Then it headed straight for the target and, wham!! It crashed right where Richard wanted it. It was a hoot!

Accidents in Abstract Painting is part of the Getty Research Institute’s Pacific Standard Time Performance and Public Art Festival and was successful in being both public and performative.

Now if only this gesture by the Getty would spark one of our local museums to commit to a Richard Jackson retrospective. Oh but right, our museums don’t really do that, celebrate local artists who have not already been thoroughly canonized by the marketplace…

Not to say that Richard Jackson doesn’t sell work, but his art is not the youthful cutting edge pabulum that is so favored by collectors and trustees, and therefore is exhibited by institutional curators. I offer you our recent experience with Charles Garabedian.

I exaggerate for effect, the truth remains.


  1. Amen, brother.

  2. be careful what you wish for, once canonized they often become redundant! Don’t know if you were able to check out performance in pomona (with re-created works by Jim Turrell, Judy Chicago, and John M. White) that took place the day before the Jackson piece – really interesting how the different artists engaged their earlier works – wonder if their relative success/failure may have to do, in-part, with their current status? blogged about it on my site, if you’re interested.

  3. A Richard Jackson retrospective is planned for 2012 at the ORange County Museum of Art. It was announced last fall.

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