Out-rocking the big dogs

Samara Golden Prison, 2012 Rmax and acrylic 4' x 5'

Found: One mysteriously compelling message

Required action: Attend Art Los Angeles Contemporary

Transcription available:

In 2012, the world eats herself. In 2013, we are forced to leave our planet for future homes on Mars.  Future homes are safe, clean spaces for living, providing a mental oasis for the new denizens of Mars.  Life outside the future home is austere but life inside is psychological rich!  Night Gallery’s future home presents the work of four post-apocalyptic artists: Samara Golden, Alika Cooper, Peter Harkawik and Paul Waddell.  Thanks to these artists, the 2013 future home comes outfitted with all the amenities a futur-sidic person could desire.  Amenities include a silver tombstone, nude bodies in skin-tight astronaut suits, a photographic manual for psycho-cosmic love making and an array of alien creatures.

In addition to presenting works by these four artists, Night Gallery will also host a post-human performance by Mark Verabioff as he looks down from space and recalls what homes on Earth used to be: Little Boxes.

What can this document be, my friends? A missive from the future? Notes from a screenplay pitch, found crumpled on the floor at Starbucks? Nay. This is a post-Greenbergian, post-Fordian postcard from the astro-suited vixens and victors at Night Gallery.

“But I didn’t get this!  I’m not on Night Gallery’s list!,” you cry in despair, “Help me!”

You need to try harder.


TRY HARDER from Prince Peter on Vimeo.

What does it look like on your planet?

To preview available works please contact Davida Nemeroff or Mieke Marple at [email protected] or 650 384 5448.

Join Night Gallery for Art Los Angeles Contemporary at Barker Hanger.

Paul Waddell Giving Head, 2012 acrylic on canvas 30" x 24"

Alika Cooper Spar, 2011 found fabric, adhesive, wood stretchers 14" x 11"

Peter Harkawik Knocker and Charity Making Love (with 'psychological' objects), 2010 light box with duratrans print, turned zebra wood, latex rubber, rope, phenolic foam, epoxy putty, automotive paint 45.5" x 51" x 17"


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