revisiting “Invitation to the dance”

Any photos below that aren’t mine are linked to,,, something or somewhere. One hopes to the source. Well, most of them are linked anyway.

...and Europe will be stunned A Film Trilogy by Yael Bartana, UC Irvine University Art Gallery

work by Kirsten Mosher in "A is for Zebra," LACMA offsite exhibition

detail of painting by Aaron Morse, recently at ACME

the younger calvin, painting by oliver crisp

a scene from Schiller's Don Carlos

portrait by Daniel Lara, currently on view in the Richards/Tuck collection (i am so smiling)

Speak, my lord; did you
From me receive the warrant?

No, my queen;
From Davison.

And did he in my name
Deliver it?

No, that I cannot say.

And dared you then to execute the writ
Thus hastily, nor wait to know my pleasure?
Just was the sentence–we are free from blame
Before the world; yet it behooved thee not
To intercept our natural clemency.
For this, my lord, I banish you my presence;
And as this forward will was yours alone
Bear you alone the curse of the misdeed!

the lake across which Mary Stuart (Maria Stuarda to Schiller) escaped her prison

drawing by Karl Haendel which in the past weeks has been posted to some 18,590 Tumblr blogs and has garnered more than 30,000 comments. Remember my aging friends: kids on Tumblr represent the future......

outside Kelly Cline's studio on November 15

outside Young Art on the occasion of meeting Michael Rey there

outside Karl Haendel's studio today, January 11

the ground before meeting Josh Cho, on Pico. Cho has work in "Saudade: A group photography exhibition" at Ann330 Gallery

and this is the ground after Cho - sidewalk post Cho, if you will, with shadow

me reflected in a Brendan Threadgill photograph at "Proving Ground," an exhibition at USC Grad Gallery, opening January 18 (eek, I'll turn 52 that day and so will be playing with a full deck of cards)

Daniel Payavis has a show in San Francisco at Pied-à-terre. At Argot and Ochre, Daniel Rolnick blogged a studio visit with Payavis

600 2nd Avenue
San Francisco CA
94118 USA
[email protected]

Sundays 1-4 pm or by appointment
(Closed January 29)

Pied-à-terre is an occasional off-space and publishing house by McIntyre Parker, generously supported by an Alternative Exposure Grant from Southern Exposure

© 2012-2009   ** Half Moon Bay, California * Portland, Oregon

“The proof’s in the pudding” – Iggy Pop

And the all important Pied-à-terre website:

Ann Ayers interviews Rosamund Felsen for East of Borneo. Lucky my friends, we are lucky.

meanwhile, outside the virtual world, Jeff Wall lectures at the Hammer Museum, tomorrow, Thursday January 12.

Dana Maiden has a show, “Margins and Rocks” opening at Raid Projects on Saturday the 14th. Failing any information on the Raid site I link you to Maiden’s own site, as well as ArtCards for address, time, etc.

Emelie Halpern, Jamais Vu, opens at Pepin Moore, also on Saturday the 14th

aaah, time repeats in Halpern's world. i think I've been here before. huh.

I remind you that “Chiasmus: Zones of Political and Aesthetic Imagination” opens at UC Irvine on Thursday, January 12. Opening night sound/light performance at 8pm by swiss artist Alexandre Joly.

And a film screening (not this one) by Tom Pnini.

Star Demo from Tom Pnini on Vimeo.


“…Political art does not constitute itself by blurring the borders between the registers of the aesthetic and the political, but, conversely it can only communicate itself meaningfully by crossing these borders.”

– Helmut Draxler

Continuing, the UAG’s Critical Curatorial Exhibition Series, Chiasmus brings together eleven international artists working in such diverse mediums and strategies as: theatrical intervention, installation art and video, lyrical minimalism, sculptural systems, serial abstraction and gestural painting. In the exhibition, the viewer is invited to cross the borders between aesthetic and political concerns. This crossing occurs in the form of a dialogue that takes place between the viewer and the artwork – which continues between the artworks themselves – an operation traced by the discerning viewer. In the context of the current political landscape – from the Arab Spring to Occupy Wall Street to the Citizens United Supreme Court Decision to the Global Financial Crisis – Chiasmus stresses the importance of a rhizomatic conversation between fields of practice in order to imagine different productive relationships between them. This is the zone of political and aesthetic imagination.

Featured artists: Sayre Gomez, Julia Haft-Candell, John Husley, Alexandre Joly, Liz Magic Laser, Ragen Moss, Nikki Pressley, Meghan Petras, Tom Pnini, Hong-An Truong, John Williams

Curators: Andy Brown, Todd Bura, Yaron Hakim , Kellie Lanham, Manjulika O’Rourke, Alexandra Pacheco Garcia, Martabel Wasserman

This exhibition is made possible by generous support from Tinnie and Shiv Grewal and the Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetica.

Farrah Karapetian "Accessory to the Protest" is at Leadapron on Melrose Place

In addition to getting longer, life gets better. Have fun this weekend, or whenever it is you do have fun.


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