Christian Mayer and Geoff Tuck (on the ground and to the dogs)

January 15, 2012

You wonder what might be here that you are missing. You know that Notes usually includes images, text, videos, commentary, cheerful banter; all this stuff you have grown to expect.

What then can this be? The relative blankness of this post has you intrigued, and your imagination may begin to fill in the blanks in a tantalizing manner. You want to see this, you are certain that I have a treat in store for you, and so you will return again to this post.

Subtle clues to the content may be found in the font that I am using. If you feel an urge to scratch your nose and say “Woof, woof,” this is appropriate, and you should feel free to do so. The weather is fine in Ulan Bator and also in Oaxaca. I suggest that you look to the ground, it is beneath your feet. These things may help prepare you for the coming publication, in both Vienna (on paper) and Los Angeles (on the Web), of “Eye to Eye: A Conversation between Christian Mayer and Geoff Tuck, Vienna/Los Angeles, December 2011”

“Eye to Eye” is a joint publication of The Selection and Notes on Looking. The print interpretation of this collaborative project will be available after January 17, 2011 by visiting: my own Web version, a video, may take a day or two longer, and will appear in this place when complete. Cheers.

Update on January 25, 2012:

Yay!!! My rudimentary video editing skills and basic pc equipment have brought into existence the promised treat. And now, thanks to the high-quality and free video uploading offered by our friends at YouTube, I bring you a movie:

“Eye to Eye (for Deja Vu)”

Get some popcorn and a beer, light a cigarette, kick back and enjoy going to the dogs with me and Christian.


  1. I enjoyed listening to the different yet similar perspectives and the process of this conversation. Thank you!

  2. I totally enjoyed the photos & the conversation. The photos made me think of “new music”, something different but very interesting.

  3. I am intrigued by the perspectives from which you both photographed and by your comments about your intent.

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