Taft Green, The Finley, and more

Taft Green, "Act Natural," installation view at Human Resources

Taft Green, "the attention you deserve," 2011


Taft Green, Breathe, 2011, from the Finley Gallery

Taft Green, Breathe, 2011, the Finley Gallery

As of 11/12/11 Taft Green will be exhibiting at the Finley Gallery. Divided by Objects, the shows title, can also be viewed online at http://thefinleygallery.artcodeinc.com/ the exhibition is up through 1/6/12. 11/17/11

A collaborative effort with Alice Koenitz at the soon  to be built, LAMOA: Los Angeles Museum of Art, coming this September, 2012. http://alicekoenitz.blogspot.com

Taft Green’s work has been exhibited in galleries and museums, nationally and internationally. He was included in Universal Experience, curated by F. Bonami; Uncertain States of America, curated by D. Birnbaum and H. Ulrich-Obrist; Thing at the Hammer museum, curated by A. Chang, J. Elaine, and C. Miles. Green has done solos shows with Richard Telles FIne Art, Praterstrasse48,Berlin, Cerritos College, and at Knowlton Hall, Ohio State University, and the FInley Gallery. Taft Green’s interest in how space is internalized as place, is implemented in his approach to sculpture. What affect space takes on, through becoming place, is rendered in Green’s work through recognition, identification and interpretation.-“There is no way for Green to premeditate it, it simply has to be done, and the doing of it–the process of thinking simultaneously backward and forward from each individual point, the leeway narrowing steadily as one moves toward resolution–has to be factored directly into the work’s meaning…”-Jan Tumlir, ArtForum, summer,2004.

P.S. Taft Green has a new website. Congratulations!

About the Finley Gallery:

THE FINLEY is an experiment in everyday, lay looking.
It is optimistically curious about new contexts for serious art.
It relocates art viewing to a specifically in-between private-public communal space.
It commits to locality.
It re-scrambles art viewing demographics.
Its proposition cites as support Lozano’s idea to have a show and just invite her neighbors.

THE FINLEY is about durations of several sorts:
the thinking time of pedestrian transit;
the one-more-drop-in-the-bucket time of perceptual percolation;
the extended time of looking at something, like art, daily over the course of a month;
the habituating but perhaps detached experience of living with art (in a sense) but not owning it; and the questionable duration of the life of a gallery, whatever that is.

THE FINLEY is a gallery that is neither commercial nor professional. It devotes particular attention to artists without local representation.
It is a vista point and sight-seeing platform.

THE FINLEY is open to the private community of tenants living in the Los Feliz Villas apartment building and their guests, but can be conveniently viewed by the public at any time of day or night through its streetfront window, from the designated viewing platform.

(ed. It is my understanding – from casual conversation with relative strangers – that The Finley Gallery is a project of Sarah Lehrer-Graiwer. In my strange and relatively casual way, I wish Lehrer-Graiwer the very best in this new project.

The Finley Gallery
4627 Finley Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90027
Tel. 617.794.4530
[email protected]
Viewing hours: 24/7

Taft Green website: http://www.taftgreen.com/

The Finley website: http://thefinleygallery.artcodeinc.com/

Another post script: all the information contained herein has been hoovered from the above websites. Spreading the word…

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