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Hello friendly people who read Notes on Looking,

Right now in Los Angeles the wind is blowing, last night it was fierce, and later tonight we will probably again see garage roofs flying around the flat lands. Tonight is coming soon – it’s December and the sun is low to the horizon and is threatening to go away. The powers that be are reminding us of our place – here, on the ground, poorly sheltered and vulnerable.

Aah, our hearts tell us – but we are together, and therein lies our strength.

I have been told that asking for and receiving help can be liberating and generous and that each party to an exchange of assistance gains more than either loses. With this in mind, I’m asking for your help. In our increasingly international community of Los Angeles art we all know groups and individuals who need a boost – there might be an alternative space that you love, a social movement you admire, perhaps a local institution that does good all year long and never gets enough thanks – I think you get my drift. I want you to help me out by supporting these things, your friends, on Notes on Looking.

Tell me who you want to support. Give me some words, some images and hyperlinks – wrap them into a short article, and I will post it here, on Notes. Give me as much as you want or as little as you are able. If you can muster only a website and a picture and a name – I can work with that.

I would love to post twenty things a week and open readers’ eyes to whole new worlds of opportunity. I will cheer if somebody gives $$$ because of an announcement you do on this blog. I will toast you with a Daiquiri Ice and Champagne Cocktail if people discover a new space or artist or political movement because of something that you write.

Be open minded, be creative, make it special because it’s someone you love.

Don’t stress about it – generosity forgives style. That you draw attention is enough.

Notes on Looking will broadcast your generous impulses through the end of the year, and I’ll also be posting my own ideas for spaces and people to help out.

As always, contact me at [email protected] or use the comment function on this post.

My friends, you’ve helped me already. Having written this I now feel that the wind is perfect. It batters and it cleanses my soul. November is past – the lonesome beauty and the melancholy it brought are still with me, but the wind now reminds me to lift my eyes, to see the sparkle of lights and the flicker of candles, and to move closer to friends rather than to draw away.

Draw closer with me to this virtual hearth, questionable source of warmth that it is, and share stories of people who you admire.



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