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Part of my reasoning at Notes on Looking is to learn more about the world. My friend Jules Rochielle posted on Facebook the other day a request that I ‘Like” a community called (SPAN) Social Practices Art Network. I trust Jules, I like the sound of the name, I ‘Liked’ it and now I am cutting and pasting the website so we can all learn something about Social Practices Art Network. Click around, read up, there’s a good chance friends will comment who are involved. Our world will grow and we’ll all have more to think about. Cheers!

You are entering (SPAN) land. Go in peace:


The Social Practices Art Network (SPAN) is site created to be an online resource and archive for individuals, organizations, community groups and institutions that are interested in new genre arts forms and practices. It is meant to serve as a platform for a variety of practices. (SPAN) is working with an advisory team of  as we continue to develop the site and community alliances. The work you see here represents relationships, conversations and dialogue that happen offline as well as online. This project in itself is a Social Art Practice.(SPAN) is working in alliance with the following groups to create Listening Stations or nodes to create an ongoing  series of interviews and archive.

El Puente Lab ( Medellin, Columbia)
Panopoly Performance Lab (Brooklyn)

(BRAC) Bronx River Art Center – Motthaven/South Bronx)
(SPAN) Studio (LA)
M12 ( Colorado)
(SPAN) Studio Brooklyn Hub

Feast in Brooklyn

Learn More about how the Listening Stations and Sessions work.
Check out Collaborative Teams: Broodwork, Elsewhere and Urban Layers
See our exhibitions and future publications and check out our mindmap
Social Practices Art Network (SPAN) was inspired  by the closing of Community Arts Network (CAN).

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