Firing one off for Artillery Mag

Sometimes I want some snap, crackle, pop and sizzle with my art news. Sometimes Artillery Mag is just the medicine I need.

My sources, unreliable and gossip prone as they are, tell me that for several years Tulsa Kinney and Paige Wery published this colorful art magazine by hook or by crook (which I believe) and that they distributed their stacks of issues from the back seat of a 1992 Plymouth minivan whose rear quarters contained two sleeping bags, a battery powered cooktop and a hand held shower, and that further, they racked up enough parking tickets while schmoozing with gallerists that they now trade Christmas cards with the Traffic Court bailiffs.

None of this second part could be true, but what remains factual from my drunken friend’s stories is that Artillery is beginning its sixth year of publication and that through the passion and determination of Kinney, Wery and their team of excellent culture writers,  Artillery has secured its place as the most visible among Los Angeles art magazines.

Congratulations to the people who arm the guns behind the words at Artillery. Subscribe, read, advertise.

Um, yes, I suggested that you advertise in Artillery. Notes is not a non-profit-only cheering ground, Notes is a supporter of culture. (That profit disdains much serious and fun culture is another matter entirely.)

I have no beef with business and no qualms about those who pursue the coin of the realm in trade for work. Hell – some of my best friends make money!

And some of us try to. Cheers.

Merry Happy to all, from the quixotic elf at Notes on Looking. More to come.

Artillery Mag Issue

Alex Schaefer painting, Chase Burning: Van Nuys, 2011

Current Issue

Current Issue

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  1. Let me amend my above statement to read, “Notes on Looking supports culture and people who make things happen. Without dogged pursuit by lovers and hard working souls, culture eludes us. Notes is dedicated to those people who kick butt for high culture.

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