Artist Bail Out update

Artist Bail Out event at Human Resources, photo by Daniel Lara

For those who were good enough to follow the link and attend the Artist Bail Out event this weekend, Good Culture’s Zak Stone has some news.

The Mobile Pinhole Project and Knowledges each won the $1,000 dollar award.

Congratulations to both and a huge hurray to Artist Bail Out for thinking of a way to direct philanthropy that does not ask for help, rather ABO invites people to join into a mutual, one could say a collective, benefit agreement.

You organize a meal and you share it. Attendees become friends. You request proposals for potential grants, and the people proposing become part of your growing group of friends. (This becomes circular, so bear with me.) The funds raised through your ticketed dinner are voted on by the people – now friends – who attended the dinner. Everybody has fun, everybody benefits, dollars are distributed… among people who now know each other. A potential for continued relationships exists. Lonesome strivers with neat ideas are lonesome no more, and their neat ideas become the currency of a larger group of people who have ideas and also other skills and tools to bring to the conversation.

Good lord my friends – it sounds like these people are committing acts of social behavior! Can you imagine?

Fortunately Artist Bail Out can.

Get down [email protected], you mysterious, beautiful creatures.

Artist Bail Out:

Mobile Pin Hole Project:

Knowledges (scroll down):

Good (Culture) with Zak Stone’s account of the proceedings:


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