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Adam Overton throwing signs.

Hello various people reading. We all know about the Occupy movement. We all think what we think of this recent series of events. I am as conflicted as anybody – optimistic as well as skeptical, I’m crabby with some of the political thinking I hear and I am pretty excited about the possibilities for change that such engagement presents. Over dinner one evening my friend Carrie McILwain queried me about the several days I had spend at LA City Hall and I related some of the above to her.

Carrie listened, and she did not disagree, rather she said, “I like the anarchic nature of what they are doing. This feels like a good response to the mess we see in our leadership and in our culture. We – all of us – might have to deal with not having the answers. Also – I think a whole swathe of the middle class are learning how to live as artists have been living: we doubt economic success, artists examine each part of our lives.”

Listening myslef to the ustream from OLA the other night, an attitude of open questioning is what I heard in the General Assembly and in the rhetoric of various speakers. Questioning, and gathering ideas. Also – many people are aware now, like artists, that the economy may not support them. They are finding new definitions for success and reaching to a community more than ever.

Occupy Los Angeles website:

Help bail AAAAAArtists out of jail !!



On November 30, AAAAAArtists John Burtle, Kim Calder, Marcy Saude, and Adam Overton were imprisoned by the LAPD while practicing nonviolent civil disobedience at City Hall. After 24+ grueling hours in the slammer, all four were bailed out with the help of friends. We’re now trying to raise $2000 to help cover each of their non-refundable $500 bail bonds. Any amount in excess of this will help pay for other possible legal fees and fines incurred in the coming month. Excess funds beyond that will be donated to the larger #OccupyLA bailout fund to help some of the nearly 300 other people who were also arrested.

Donations of any amount are greatly appreciated!! Thank you for your support!!
You can’t arrest and idea!!Occupy Everything!! Occupy Bail!!

AAAAAA is a loose affiliation of artists who’ve come together to express solidarity with each other and the occupy movement in response to the “economic crisis”.

Los Angeles Times Data Desk Spreadsheet of protestors arrested at Occupy Los Angeles:

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