Wonderloch Kellerland: The Blue Hour with Lisa Ohlweiler and Christopher Richmond

My friends I have been remisser than remiss and ruefully negligent. Hans-Peter Thomas opened the Los Angeles location of Wonderloch Kellerland on July 15th of this year. In Atwater – which is close by to almost every part of our great city. (Honest! It is! The 5 goes right through, the 2 passes close by and the Arroyo Seco Parkway skirts its eastern border, more or less. I swear on a stack of now useless Thomas Guides that you can get there from here, wherever here is for you.)

Opening Friday, November 4 from 7 to 10 pm is The Blue Hour featuring photographs and films and/or maybe sculptures by Lisa Ohlweiler and Christopher Richmond.

Lisa Ohlweiler, Cloud, 2010 Silver Gelatin Print, taken from the artist's website

You may remember Ohlweiler from a James Welling curated, January 2011 exhibition at Margo Leavin http://www.margoleavingallery.com/exhibitions/274 or from an earlier exhibition at Redling Fine Art: http://redlingfineart.com/exhibition/jesse-aron-green-nicholas-grider-rj-messineo-lisa-ohlweiler-and-clarissa-tossin

Lisa Ohlweiler, Dam, 2009 C-print, taken from the artist's website

You may indeed recall a particularly charming photograph of this photographer in the Angeles National Forest, taken by her friend Evan Walsh that I posted in Notes on Looking: http://notesonlooking.com/?p=842

Lisa Ohlweiler, Untitled (diptych), 2008 Silver Gelatin Print, from the artist's website

Lacking images from the Wonderloch Kellerland show, which after all is not yet open, I have visited and grabbed from Ohlweiler’s own website. I rather doubt that any of this work will be on display in the new show. Come and find out!

Our friend Christopher Richmond makes films, and I understand, sculptures. I am expecting in this show more to see the latter than the former – but who knows?

Christopher Richmond
Chasing the Horizon
16mm color film transferred to Blu-ray
8 min., 48 sec.

Christopher Richmond
O’ Bridge of Interjections (Cretans / Deus ex machina)
HD Video transferred to Blu-ray
9 min., 8 sec.

If you are clever, you visited Latned Atsar back in August and saw Richmond’s work, along with that of Kenneth Tam and the duo of Bernhard Garnicnig and Benjamin Tomasi. If you did this you would have seen Deus ex Machina and another one or two of Christopher Richmond’s films. And also, if you had, during that great summer month, traveled to the storied upstairs space on Jefferson Boulevard then you would definitely be carving time out of your calendar to travel on Friday (or any other time during gallery hours) to see what Richmond has up his sleeve this time.

Christopher Richmond
The Yellow Eye Without Its Way Twice-Told
HD Video transferred to Blu-ray
11 min., 26 sec.

Do you know? I am pretty willing to grab almost anything that I find on the web, especially when I want to show work. I learned recently that not everyone counts ‘on the web’ as for public use. So Lisa and Christopher if you want me to take something down or switch it out let me know.


Wonderloch Kellerland website: http://www.wonderloch-kellerland.org/select-location.html

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  1. Hans-Peter is happy to open this space for you. Call him at 323-599-9700. You are encouraged to do this – the show is very good. I saw it on Friday and will return for more.

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