The Conversation: an Artist Podcast – with Zoe Crosher

Zoe Crosher discusses such projects as “Out of the Window (LAX)” and “Transgressing the Pacific,” as well as her wide-ranging biographical history.

Michael Shaw is a Los Angeles based artist and interlocutor.



Uncredited images in order of project: selections from The Reconsidered Archive of Michele Dubois, essay by Karsten Lund and introduction by Eleanor Kaufman; selections from The Unraveling of Michelle Dubois, essay by Andrew Berardini and introduction by Eleanor Kaufman (Both published by Aperture Ideas); selections from Michelle Dubois – Disappearing Edition.

All images courtesy the artist and Perry Rubenstein Gallery, Hollywood

Perry Rubenstein Gallery, Hollywood website:

Zoe Crosher website:

The Reconsidered Archive of Michelle Dubois, Volume One, Aperture Foundation:

The Unraveling of Michelle Dubois will be published in Fall, 2011 by Aperture

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