The Conversation: an Artist Podcast with Bari Ziperstein

Ante Script from Geoff:

Allow me, my friends, to introduce you to The Untitled Art Podcast, a new voice in Notes on Looking land. Michael Shaw, a friend and colleague, has been working on artist interviews for several months and continues to work, day and night. Enjoy this time with Bari Ziperstein – you will learn about her practice and gain insight to the life of a working artist in Los Angeles. Many more interviews are waiting in the wings!

I’m posting this podcast tonight, Thursday, November 10, in advance of our dedicated launch date of Friday, November 11 (11-11-11) in part to repay Bari’s generous assistance, advice and patience. Bari Ziperstein was first, and so she shall remain. Honestly, another part of my decision to post this interview early is plain old strategy: My friends – once you get a taste of this Koolaid you’ll never want to stop. Come back tomorrow for much more! I swear on a stack of sound waves we shall have three or four additional podcasts for you on Friday, Nov 11. Smiling.

Thanks Michael, I hope you’re having as much fun as I am. And special thanks to Bari.



Addendum posting on the morning of November 11, 2011:

Podcasts are coming out every hour today, super cool!

Rowan Wood is ON DECK NOW.

Christopher Michlig at 9:00 AM

Molly Larkey at 10:00 AM

Adam Miller at 11:00 AM

Eben Goff at NOON

Aaron Sandnes at 10:30 (tricked you, huh?)

You get the idea, we keep ’em rolling out for you.



Oxygenenergizer by Sonja Gerdes will be the surprise post for November 11 – Gerdes’ sculpture/culture/human/machine may – indeed will – alter civilisation and spiritual relations FOREVER. Check back often.


Bari Ziperstein, RECOLLECTED - longing for a home, 2011, Mobile Storefront Exhibition, Long Beach, CA 620 South Street Long Beach, CA - till March 2012

Bari Ziperstein, RECOLLECTED - longing for a home, 2011 (detail), Mobile Storefront Exhibition, Long Beach, CA 620 South Street Long Beach, CA - till March 2012

Decorative Protection - Protecting Decoration 2010, exhibition at Las Cienegas Project

Decorative Protection - Protecting Decoration 2010 (detail), exhibition at Las Cienegas Project


Bari Ziperstein, Summercamp's Project Project, Tape Drawing, Summercamp, El Sereno, CA

Bari Ziperstein, Thaumatrope, 2010, LACMA

Bari Ziperstein website:

Michael Shaw is an artist and interlocutor based in Los Angeles.

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  1. Intriguing works. Congratulations and best wishes, Bari. I enjoyed this presentation very much. Thank you, Geoff and Bari.

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