when the world was young (in los angeles)

There’s no other person that I’d rather be,

I love what I do – I  love what I see,

Fashions of the day,

Vests of applique,

Dresses of shantung,

Only yesterday.

When the world was young.

The laugh of the year – the night of them all,

The blonde who was so attractive that year,

Some opening night that made us all cheer;

Remember that time we all got so tight?

On our backs we’d lie;

Looking at the sky,

Till the stars were strung,

And sometimes I drink too much with the crowd,

And, sometimes I talk a little too loud,

And sometimes I see it all through a cloud…

Where we once got stung,

Just a dream ago,

When the world was young

(Apologies and thanks to songwriter Johnny Mercer. More at www.johnnymercer.com. And Marlene Dietrich? Well good lord just listen and watch. If you need, pretend that you are a little kid in the ‘burbs in 196X watching on TV as this woman becomes glamour and everything that is not your home.)

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