spoken word transcription for charles gaines ‘skybox’

one hesitates to speak as the darkness gathers

i’m not even aware of it until i see the lights behind the words

…so far ‘oppressed’ has no stars

‘those’ and ‘rights’ have several

(unconscious sounds)

negritude – values – his – the universe – humanism – this point how – contemporary – civilisation – of the universal which is so – before him  – slavish fear – inward – to dig – resolution – and further

…and further in the night are the stars

the mind that reads is hushed and shut down

and the mind that wonders takes over.

(more unconscious sounds)

the stars become us – or me anyway

I can’t get away from them and i don’t want to

i can wonder about the brightness and the quietness and the repetition and the difference

and… to mix my metaphors – my shaking hand cries out for… violence I almost said, when i meant guidance


i wonder if violence is often guidance, or vice versa

all these struggles we have: the rights of man, and the oppressors, those who use, those who take, as against those who share

I wonder,  I mean I hate to sound like a post card – but I wonder what the stars think?

I read a book about them once – stars, as characters…

…and they did have personalities and they were grandiose and a little bit melancholy

and they lived, and they gave and made life, and their light traveled from one to the other and carried messages

and when they passed, and when they died, that traveled too, and affected everything in the universe

i think the author was talking about people, and using stars as a metaphor

i wonder if charles gaines is, in this piece

talking about people and using stars as a metaphor?

(extended period of darkness, blackness, bare lights, ambient noise)

and the light slowly changes once again.

is it dawn?


or is it some sort of rheostat?

and the words appear and almost i forget the night before, and the pure feelings I had, and the thoughts that made me feel whole with everything, and not one but many, and joined.

cultural values – analyze the problem – that the political – legitimacy negritude. proclaiming been have we that years so for thirty last the During – Léopold – livelihood – mankind – corn, cattle – God of Creation – ancestors – to dig, and plough – Kings of Righteousness

charles gaines, susanne vielmetter, closing next week.




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